Baseball Affected by Trade War

The trade war is active between two global financial giants. The trade war between America and China has a far-reaching effect on local baseball players, from those playing for fun to a much more professional league.

Kim Karsh started supplying the much-needed equipment for playing this homegrown sport already in 1983. The inconvenient fact which he, as well as many others, have to deal with now is that all that is needed to suit up for the baseball pitch is lately Chinese manufactured. |Due to the ongoing trade war, the Trump administration is loading imports from China with additional tariffs. These are in the end, being paid by the consumer. The result is that buyers settle for less and a more significant number of low-quality items are being sold, instead of the better quality which players became accustomed to overtime.

Even though the tariffs are hitting all who are dependent on Chinese imports, with a hard punch in their pockets, it is often baseball players who feel it the most due to the large amount of equipment which they need, according to Karsh.

The Practical Implication

The first item which felt the impact of the import tariffs was without a doubt baseball caps. During last year September, the import of baseball caps experienced a 10% increase which was topped off with another 25% increase during January. These were added onto a base tariff of 7.5%. Another improvement is due in October, which will mean buyers of baseball caps can expect to pay 37.5% more than about a year ago.

Another item which took a hard knock in pricing is metal baseball bats. These have already received an increase in pricing varying between $5 and $10. These prices would be increased with another 15% soon, according to the Trump administration. Karsh also urged baseball players and enthusiasts already in August to shop as soon as they can for baseballs since these are also due to expected increases of $3 to $5 on a dozen balls.

Since Chinese manufacturers have been dominating the sporting goods industry for quite a while already, it is almost impossible for consumers to shop around in search of better pricing. Karsh also stated that this increased costs when purchasing the necessary equipment are adding to the already higher fees of playing at municipal fields. Parental volunteering is even declining, meaning that more needs to be paid to find coaches for teams.

All the accumulating costs are doing a sport, which is supposed to be accessible to all, is making it quite expensive to partake in and the game of baseball is suffering from it, according to the executive director of the National Amateur Baseball tournaments, Charles Blackburn.