The best youth baseball bats for 2016

2016 DeMarini CF8

The 2015 CF7 was one of the best rated youth baseball bats, and this year, the CF8 appears to be the best bat on the market. I was able to get my hands on one and gave it to my youth team to try it out. As it turned out, there were many arguments over who got to use the bat next because it was that good.

Many of the players on my team last year used the CF7 and absolutely loved it. After trying out the new CF8, the team came to an agreement that the CF8 was even better than last year’s model. If player approval isn’t enough for you to buy this bat, let me remind you that DeMarini has been making the CF models for almost 8 years now. The bat continues to have success year after year and gets much praise from players and parents. Even at the higher levels of baseball, players rave about the bat and how much pop it has. It’s balance point is very close to the handle, making it very easy to swing. The grip on the bat has more cushion than the CF7 and has a special handle called the D-Fusion 2.0. The purpose of the handle is to limit the vibration when a ball is hit off the end or inside part of the bat.

Critics of the bat say that it doesn’t have as much pop because it is a two-piece bat, but I would recommend using it at the youth level. The fact that it is so easy to swing makes up for the fact that it doesn’t have as much pop and will give any player the confidence to be aggressive at the plate.

The bat sells from anywhere between $280 and $400, but ignore the price. Purchasing this bat would be an excellent investment because you are getting the highest quality baseball bat possible. I would recommend this bat to anyone and without a doubt say that it is the best bat out there.

2016 DeMarini Voodoo Raw

DeMarini is on this list again simply because they specialize in making really quality bats. I would say that they make the best bats in youth baseball. The Voodoo Raw is also a two-piece bat, but it is very light. In fact, it is only sold as a -13. However, the length of the bat ranges from 28 to 32 inches, making it very versatile.

I has my youth team try this bat out, and some players were skeptical about swinging such a light bat. They feared that if they hit a ball off the wrong part of the bat, it would sting and cause a lot of pain. This was not the case due to the bat’s two-piece figure. In many ways the Voodoo Raw was similar to the CF8. The pop was about the same. The grip was thick and comfortable. One of the noticeable differences was that this bat was much easier to swing. Not only is the bat very light, it also has a balance point that is very close to the handle.

I decided to take some cuts with this bat, and the first thing I noticed is that it was very very very easy to swing. Almost too easy. That’s why I recommend that if you buy this bat, make sure you/your child practices with it for an ideal amount of time before using it in a game. If you or your child is someone that has a late swing, this bat may help correct that problem.

Some interesting features of this bat are that it has a new cap and no flare on the handle. These features make the bat a low risk investment, meaning that the bat will last and will be easy to swing.

The DeMarini Voodoo Raw sells for around $250. It is a reasonable price considering all of the benefits this bat offers. I would say that this is a great alternative if you don’t like the CF8. Just keep in mind that if you decide to get either one of these bats, you are buying yourself a great bat.

2016 Rawlings 5150

The 5150 is a one piece bat, giving it much more pop than a two-piece. That means that if a ball is hit in the wrong place, but, the balls that are hit off the sweet spot are some of the furthest hit balls that I have seen since BBCOR bats were started.

When swinging the bat, I would say that the weight can be compared to the Voodoo Raw. When making contact, the bat is just like a typical one-piece bat. There is a decent amount of vibration, but the contact off the sweet spot makes up for that. This model was actually used by the Virginia Cavaliers, who won the College World Series this past season. Don’t take my word for it, listen to the endorsement of the Virginia baseball team. If they have success with it, you or your son should be able to as well.

I would say that the 5150 is for better hitters. There is not much leeway when it comes to hitting the ball off the end or inside part of the bat. But if you are able to consistently make contact off of the sweet spot, then you will be spending a lot of time rounding the bases next season.

When the bat is released, it is expected to cost around $300. The bat is ideal for power hitters and players that are making consistent contact with the baseball. Rawlings isn’t known so much for their bats, but this one can add a few extra feet to your hits.

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