Blue Jays and Red Sox Games Cancelled

The Boston Red Sox & Toronto Blue Jays were forced to terminate their 4th MLB match at Sahlen Field in Buffalo on August 27th. This cancellation followed after law enforcement in Wisconsin shot Jacob Black to death, an African American male. The national response to this death hasn’t been positive & sporting associations across the country have cancelled their matches in response while releasing formal statements disavowing racism. Supporters of the Toronto Blue Jays & the Boston Red Sox weren’t informed of this cancelled until 30 minutes before the first pitch, prompting notable disappointment towards organizers.

Organizers were forced into the decision of cancelling the August 27th meetup, with Boston Red Sox Outfielder Jackie Bradley Junior refusing to compete. This African American Baseballer wouldn’t play, evoking that intolerance in his community can’t happen any longer. The considerable backlash was placed onto Jackie Bradley Junior after it was revealed his refusal to compete prompted the cancellation. Jacob Black hadn’t any connection to Jackie Bradley Jr, making some question as to why this baseballer couldn’t perform his job, which pays him millions per year.

Details on the Cancellations

Charlie Montoyo from the Toronto Blue Jays held a meeting with his players, with the Team Manager asking if they’d compete. Not a single player from the Blue Jays side refused to complete their duties, with similar sentiments evoked on the Boston Red Sox. It wouldn’t be until Jacob Bradley declined to play that the Red Sox would begin swaying their decision, with more baseballers standing beside their Outfielder. A transparent ploy to avoid Jacob Black making claims against teammates for intolerance, something that’s been seen frequently in Major League Baseball throughout 2020.

It should be clarified that Jacob Bradley Jr is close with multiple NBA players, with a large percentage of those athletes refusing to compete. An extensive number of matches in the National Basketball Association have been subsequently cancelled from their refusal. Some wonder if Jacob Bradley is trying to repeat that process throughout Major League Baseball, which has suffered profusely in the last two years. Whatever happens with the issue of racism in MLB, both General Managers for the Toronto Blue Jays & Boston Red Sox have evoked that Major League Baseball cannot standby African American players without their organizational support.