Bold Questionable Predictions for 2019 MLB

With the new year just around the corner, we have been talking about the possibilities for major league baseball with friends, family and even strangers. It is always interesting to find out what others think will happen and then to sit and wonder about the thought behind the prediction.

Some might be way out there and almost impossible while others are eye opening. There are even some of the ones that happen to be so specific it seems like the person spent years coming up with the idea. Of course, with each of the above categories, we sometimes sit with a jaw-dropped as the prediction is dead on. I know, it doesn’t happen often, but it has in the past, making all of us wonder about those bold statements.

Let’s go through a few we’ve heard in the last couple of weeks and see how possible they are and why it’s a bold statement instead of a plausible prediction for the 2019 major league baseball season.

Red Sox Might Make the Playoffs, but Just Barely

There have been some interesting chats about the Red Sox not making it to the playoffs this year and a lot of it actually makes perfect sense. However, there are too many other factors playing a role. We all know Boston is really talented and they’ve had some amazing games in the past, of which we might see even more in 2019.

At the same time, you need to consider the left shoulder of Chris Sale, the October workout of Nathan Evoaldi, the setback of Mookie Betts. Look, there’s no doubt that each team has its own set of problems, but are the issues with eh Red Sox enough to keep them from reaching the playoffs?

Mike Trout Will Lose the AL Most Valuable Player Award to Carlos Correa

Let’s not take anything away from Mike Trout, the guy has been one of the most amazing players from the start and he deserves every bit of that award. If you think of it, he is currently worth 9.3 wins above replacement, which might not mean much to the regular MLB viewers, but those are states that really set the best apart. In fact, many think he has had a top 100 individual player season, saying a lot of what we can expect from him in 2019.

While he is brilliant and well worth the wager, you’ll need to carefully consider Carlos as well, especially how with him being healthier, having the support and being ready for the season ahead. It’s sure to be an interesting series of events as both these players among others are sure to be out to grab that title, including Betts who held in 2018.

There have actually been many predictions revolving around individual players, and the best part is, you can see it all at betting sites. Just looking through the options and the odds would already be an eye-opener as to what’s to come for the 2019 season.