Choosing the Right Ball

It might be surprising to learn multiple baseballs are available and serve completely unique purposes. Most didn’t know this as we usually only see the league balls in just about all games. However, there are a few options, each to help everyone from beginners through to professionals get the type of ball they need.

The regulations for a professional baseball states it has to be 9 to 9 and a half inches and have a total weight of 5 to 5 and a quarter ounces. The high-grade balls we see in major league games and actually in many other types of baseball are made up of multiple materials, including a cork centre, which is about the size of a grape. The cork is covered by rubber, then wool yarn and finally, a leather cover, which is what we see with the company logo and the red stitching. Some companies use synthetic leather, which also helps for dirt and brings down the price by a lot.

Those of you who play little league might find the ball has a raised stitching, which actually helps with ball control whereas the major league balls have rolled stitching, allowing the ball to travel faster as it isn’t restricted by the air as much.

Below, we look at some of the different balls for 2019 and why you would consider buying any of them. They don’t change much from the 2018 balls, but if you haven’t purchased one yet, these might just be well worth the wait.

SKLZ Reduced Impact

The SKLZ reduced impact ball says it all in the name. It’s a softer ball that helps new players get over the fear of getting hit in the face or for someone who needs getting used to the impact on the bat when they hit the ball. It’s great that the ball falls within the regulations when it comes to size and weight, the only difference is the cushioned inside.

The balls aren’t good for anything but practice as the softer construction doesn’t allow it to take the same punishment as the harder balls. However, you’ll still get about a month’s tough use out of it. Luckily, they are cheap.

Rawling’s R-Cal-1

The Rawling’s ball is a great choice for players seeking something as close to the league balls as possible but without the higher price tag. They include the same construction as the league balls, making them incredibly strong, especially with the full-grade leather cover. These are great for those wanting to practice pitching and batting as the handle curve balls well.

These won’t last most than 2 seasons through. After testing, we found they get tattered rather fast. However, with the lower price, it’s expected, which still makes it a great choice for players who simply want to use it for practice, in which case it will last really long and give you the best experience.