Chris Young is the Texas Rangers New General Manager

Finances standardly attribute somebody becoming the General Manager of a central sports team. Personnel are rarely selected based on their skillsets & history in that respective sport. Finances didn’t define the selection of Texas Rangers latest General Manager. It was announced that Chris Young is taking the helm of GM. Analysts never predicted Chris Young, an individual that pitched in MLB and then worked with the Commissioner’s Office. It proves that former players can reach promotions that nobody ever anticipated.

The History of Chris Young

Chris Young’s history in Major League Baseball begins two decades ago, with his introduction to the Texas Rangers not arriving until November 2004. Deciding to select this former pitcher will benefit the Houston-established team, with most General Managers on other teams having zero experience in professional baseball. Ivy League Degrees doesn’t sustain prominence in-comparison to General Managers with genuine experience. That’s proven through Jerry Dipoto, Seattle Mariners GM.

Learning that Chris Young is taking the helm of General Manager prompted questions regarding Jon Daniels. It’d be announced that the former Texas Rangers GM has been promoted to President, with Young being his right-hand attendant. It means that Young isn’t the fulltime leader of the Texas Rangers, but will hold superior value in strategic operations.

Chris Young retired from Major League Baseball in 2018, which saw an immediate introduction into the corporate division. Chris Young was promoted to “Vice President of Field Operations & Strategy”. February 2020 saw the influential pitcher become Senior Vice President of Major League Baseball; two positions lower than MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. Chris Young rallied for placement as General Manager since retirement in 2018, with his requests being answered this December.

Thanks, Issued.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is likely rewarding Chris Young with this promotion. Young defined which protocols & safety measures were enforced for the Covid-19 pandemic. Learning that Chris Young will leave the corporate division saw Rob Manfred’s Office thank the retired pitcher for his diligent efforts & continued work.