Cleveland Indians Announce Name Change

Substantial information was revealed regarding the Cleveland Indians, a prominent franchise in Major League Baseball. An announcement was made by team personnel, indicating that the team will change its namesake after 2021 & terminate the Indian symbolism used for a century. This year has seen prominent advancements in eliminating racism, with largescale brands & franchises altering their namesake to forsake racial stereotypes. Confirmation of this announcement came hours later on December 14th, with Team Owner Paul Dolan reporting a franchise readjustment for 2022.

An official statement regarding the matter was issued by the Cleveland Indians, which noted the complexity & difficulty associated to identifying an updated name that evokes positivity amongst the MLB community. Guarantying that the timeframe needed to select an updated name is available, removal of the Native Indian stereotype won’t arrive until 2021. Team Owner Paul Dolan clarified that employed personnel will work diligently to determine the correct name for Cleveland’s next century of professional baseball.

Paul Dolan admitted that the learning process behind how the Indian’s namesake could be offensive required extensive study. He approached those studies with an open & fair mind that could reach conclusions beneficial for all parties. Paul Dolan believes providing investors, employed personnel, players, and coaches a year to account for the upcoming change will benefit those loyal individuals. Benefit towards the Native American Indian community arrives one year afterwards.

Praise from the NCAI

Statements were issued regarding the announcement by the “National Congress of American Indians”. Those sentiments praised Paul Dolan & all individuals involved with this decision, noting that it’s a substantial step forward in eliminating notable racism towards Indians throughout Cleveland & the United States. The NCAI praised all franchises willing to show confidence and stand alongside minority communities in-need of defence. Hopefully multiple other corporations & franchises will eliminate racial tendencies after learning the Cleveland Indian’s are in 2022.