Fans Reintroduced to MLB Stadiums on October 13th

Major League Baseball is permitting supporting fans to re-enter stadiums for the first time in months. Fans haven’t been allowed inside stadiums since March 2020, encompassing several months. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred was forced into implementing “Fake Crowd Noise” to reacquire the same excitement garnered from conventional seasons that haven’t been imposed by international pandemics.

Baseballers having supporters return to stadiums has been welcomed and expressed that motivation to compete has grown tenfold. Medical experts located in the United States of America have opposed MLBs reintroduction of fans. It’ll mean likely outbreaks of COVID-19 inside the league & in major cities throughout America. The same day supporting fans could return to stadiums, was the same day that 33 States in America announced an increase in positive infections.

Major League Baseball ignored the opposition of medical experts & permitted the selling of tickets for one upcoming matchup between. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves competed at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas on October 13th. It saw 11,500 fans enter the stadium. Extensive social distancing protocols were enforced & supporters appeared dozens of feet apart. Grouping of friends was allowed under the condition that facemasks be worn.

The Atlanta Braves gave attending fans a memorable experience. Initially, the game was tied by 1-1 after the 9th Inning. It was expected that an unconventional & average matchup would be held on October 13th. That was until Austin Riley struck a 448-Foot Homerun, enabling the Atlanta Braves to gain a minor league. The Braves would continue their assault & end their match against the Los Angeles Dodgers at 5-1.

Motivation Reintroduced

Fans being permitted back onto stadium grounds was needed for coaching personnel & professional baseballers. The First Baseman for the Atlanta Braves, Freddie Freeman, stated that 11+ thousand people sounded like more than 50+ thousand on the 13th. The Baseman evoked that hearing supporters cheer for both teams was incredible, with Freddie Freeman hoping that everyone enjoyed the experience & that supporters will continue coming out for other games.

If infection numbers are minimal, Major League Baseball will likely permit other stadiums to open throughout the United States of America. Until evaluation periods are completed for MLB Corporate, Globe Life Field will continue to allow a maximum of 11+ thousand supporters in their stadium.