Kate Smith’s Rendition of God Bless America Removed from Flyers Games

The bronze statue outside the Xfinity of Kate Smith is removed by the Flyers and the rendition of God Bless America by the late singer won’t be played at games anymore. The team made this announcement on Sunday.

On Friday the statue was covered with a black tarp, although it was removed by Sunday. While the investigation of racism allegations continues against the singer, the Yankees suspended the use of her rendition. A lengthy statement was issued by the Flyers regarding the matter.

Long Relations with God Bless America Enjoyed by Flyers

The version of this song sun by Kate Smith was enjoyed by the Flyers for a very long time. She was also awarded for her patriotic contributions to the nation via the Presidential Medal of Honour. Although, in recent days it was learned that the songs performed by Kate Smith during the 1930s include sentiments and lyrics that are incompatible with the values of the team. It evokes unacceptable and painful themes. Hockey is for everyone according to the principles of the NHL, Paul Holmgren said. The president of the Flyers also shared that as a result they simply can’t stand idle when songs from a different area get in the way of the team beliefs.

Smith’s rendition was played by the Flyers since 1969 for good luck and according to the team they had great games at times the song aired. They even constructed a statue of Kate Smith after she passed away in 1987 at the age of 79. The statue was moved to the Xfinity Live by 2011.

Songs Most Used at Sports Stadiums

There is no replacement song announcement by the Flyers, although the songs most used at sports events include Eye of the Tiger, Bob Dylan’s Hurricane, ACDC’s Hell’s Bell’s and Harry Simeone Chorale’s It’s a Beautiful Day for a Ball Game.

Other popular choices include the song by the Black Eyed Peas called Let’s Get It Started. It is seen as an in-game crowd rouser song used regularly in NBA games. Not many would think of Meatloaf when it comes to pre-game songs, although Paradise by the Dashboard Light was used by Phil Rizzuto. At the time the Yankee announcer actually had no idea that the theme was all about teenager regret and lust.

Baha Men’s Who Let The Dogs Out works perfect and is known for driving the crowd crazy, while Queen’s We Will Rock You remains one of the best and is loved by sports fans. The one song is known by all, regardless if you’re a baseball fan or not is Take Me Out to the Ball Game. It is for most as part of going to watch a game as beer and hotdogs. There is also still the option open to the Flyers of using Chariots of Fire, which is a golden classic perfect for starting off any game on the right foot.