Manny Machado – The Rising Superstar

Manny Machado is rapidly making a name for himself in the MBL (Major League Baseball). From his two home runs and iconic grand slam – professional baseball teams are eyeballing Machado and are considering taking the plunge and adding him to their rosters. The Chicago Clubs being one of these teams.

One of the reasons why Machado name is popping up in news regarding the Cubs is because he recently matched the current catcher for the Cubs, Willson Contreras, after a set of homers (home runs). Thus, making Machado the youngest of the Baltimore Orioles to reach an impressive 150 during his career. Even more shocking is that Machado is only 25 years old – which is making him an even more desired player seeing as he is on the same level of a rising superstar. Though, many baseball experts are comparing Machado to Kris Bryant, who just celebrated hitting his one hundredth home run in the major-leagues this previous Wednesday.

Chicago Cubs Not Committed To Pursing Machado

Before you get too excited about the possibility of Machado jumping the Cubs roster remember that Theo Epstein, the Cubs president, has stated that the Cubs are not necessarily looking to pursue Machado, or players like him – seeing how he is going to be considered a free agent once this season ends. Though, that doesn’t mean he isn’t a desired player – Machado is on every list of multiple baseball lists of top-five players for this current season.

Other than the Cubs, the White Sox are looking at Machado as well to have a well-needed addition to their current lineup of successful players. Just imagine how the team could dominate any game with having Machado, along with their other key players: Eloy Jimenez, Jose Abreu, and Yoan Moncada. However, the White Sox seem to be waiting until Machado is considered free agent before swopping up a potential pitching star.

However, the Cubs are on the fence about Machado. While they could have hopes to win the upcoming World Series without him – they’d basically be guaranteeing a win if they decide to go after Machado themselves. Though, the Cubs do have about 5 months to show Machado how incredible it can be to be a Cub during his time as a free agent.

Machado Soon to be Free Agent

Though before Machado even goes free agent after this season, the Cubs could propose a trade with the Orioles to get Machado. But no one knows who could be recommended for the trade with Orioles in the first place. Some speculate if this trade happens Addison Russell could be the first consideration. However, two other players: Mike Montgomery and Adbert Alzolay, could be just as likely to be traded for this seasons superstar. The trade off would mean the introduction of another top player from minor leaguers as well, yet it’s all still in the air as the Cubs have not responded to any inquires yet.

While it may seem as if the team is ragging their feet over the idea od getting Machado, several additional factors are making this idea a struggle. Mainly the prospects of other top players this season – and with the Cubs current lineup, they can’t afford to lose any of their top players at the end of the season unless they are sure that they’re going to get an adequate replacement.

If the Cub don’t decide on getting Machado soon, another National League team will and whomever does get this rising player is going to have a solid start in possibly winning the upcoming World Series. Other teams such as the Cardinals, Dodger, and the Brewers are looking at Machado as well. Either way – whoever managers to add Machado to their roster for next season are in for an amazing show.