MLB at Odds with Players Association

Vaccination has become the most prominent subject in December 2020, with Pfizer & Moderna Pharmaceutical being mentioned more than Santa Claus himself. Sporting franchises like Major League Baseball want players to receive an immediate vaccination, enabling MLB to sustain zero cases of coronavirus into the new year. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred believes that acquiring thousands of Covid Vaccinations is possible, even with Pfizer & Moderna Pharmaceutical confirming their selling exclusively to governments for now.

The corporate division & player associations in Major League Baseball cannot determine what’s the best solutions, with these two entities again being at odds. MLB owners have stated they’ll postpone 2021s campaign until May if players aren’t vaccinated. Players have become furious after learning of this demand, with the MLBPA notifying corporate that a full season is required with signed yearly salaries.

The “Major League Baseball Players Association” believe team owners are purposely using Pfizer & Moderna’s vaccination for leverage. Finances have been limited during the pandemic, leaving owners without the necessary funds to pay out salaries. Loans from banking institutions wouldn’t be required if owners could limit the season to 140 games. The MLBPA doesn’t believe players should be responsible for recouping the financial losses of owners by themselves losing a percentage of their yearly salaries.

It was proven throughout the 2019-2020 Major League Baseball Season that sustaining 162 games is possible & reliable with dedicated protocols. Franchise owners are stating those protocols wouldn’t be permissible in 2021, without having provided any viable evidence to support those claims. Now the MLBPA & corporate division have two months to determine solutions, which historically is an unlikely timeframe for these institutions. Some speculate that another strike is possible after tensions between the MLBPA & corporate division have grown since 2019.

Vaccine First, Baseball Later.

The MLBPA shouldn’t be quick to eliminate vaccinations, with distribution having begun & governments anticipating a large percentage of civilians vaccinated by May 2020. It’d mean that Pfizer & Moderna Pharmaceutical could sell vaccines to corporations or sporting franchises. MLBs corporate division would be permitted in vaccinating the entire League. For the safety of their families & friends, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred recommends this approach.