MLB Commissioner Angered by Justin Turner

Rob Manfred is notably disappointed with the Los Angeles Dodgers, who acquired the 2020 MLB Championship at Globe Life Field on October 28th. The majority of team personnel were following Covid Guidelines, with one individual being seen breaking protocol multiple times. Justin Turner ignored MLB Representatives that requested his permittance in following Covid Guidelines. Turner refused those instructions and began celebrating with his teammates without a facemask. This is drastically concerning considering that Turner had tested positive for COVID-19 during the 7th inning. Justin Turner wouldn’t spend more than two hours in a designated quarantine zone before returning to the field.

Initially, Justin Turner had returned to the field dawning a facemask. Minutes after the celebrations began & photographers began capturing the moment, Justin Turner removed his facemask. He’d pose for numerous team photos, sustaining close contact with multiple players & coaching personnel. It meant that Turner willing infected other teammates for his selfish glory, an action that’s prompted MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred to initiate an investigation into Justin Turner. Being the first player to ignore the Covid Guidelines could encourage Turner’s early retirement from Major League Baseball.

The Selfish & Disrespectful Behaviour of Justin Turner.

Justin Mathew Turner was forcibly removed from the championship match after contracting COVID-19. His presence put players from Tampa Bay & Los Angeles at drastic risk. Turner is the first infection that Major League Baseball has seen of coronavirus in 59 Days. Rob Manfred was disgusted that the first player to contract Covid in two months acted of this nature. It’s now how MLBs Commissioner would like his international sport represented. It’s firmly expected that Rob Manfred will make an example of Turner to all other MLB personnel.

Major League Baseball released an official statement regarding Justin Turner’s actions. It was informed that Turner had been subjected to a quarantine zone after learning of a positive infection. Justin refused to abide by doctor orders and forcibly left the isolation area to celebrate with fellow teammates. Instructions given to Turner by doctors informed him that isolating is for the protection & safety of others. It was also mentioned in the statement that Justin Mathew Turner has refused to comply with MLB Corporate on their investigation. It’ll likely result in his immediate removal from professional baseball.