MLB Elects First Female GM

Mid-November marked an influential moment for Kim Ng & Major League Baseball. It was announced that MLB had elected its first female general manager, with Kim NG governing over the Miami Marlins in Florida. Supporters of the team were given their first introduction last Monday to GM Kim, where she would evoke to little girls across America & Asia that accomplishing their dreams is possible.

Kim NG wouldn’t be elected General Manager of the Miami Marlins until the age of fifty-one, with her career spanning decades in professional baseball. Liberalism is growing throughout America, with numerous industries electing women & members of the LBGTQ community for promotions. It’d be November 11th that saw the United States elect their first female Vice-President, Kamala Harris. Sports analysts have speculated that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred provided GM Kim NG with a contract after Kamala Harris became VP of America. If true, it’d show the immediate opportunities given to woman across America after the electing of Kamala Harris.

Kim NG sustains a lengthy career of three decades in Major League Baseball, with a collective of 35-years in the professional space. Kim started her career with the Chicago White Sox, where promotional advancements saw her become an “Assistant General Manager” for the New York Yankees & Los Angeles Dodgers. Kim’s last promotion before becoming Miami’s GM was “Senior Vice-President of MLB Baseball Operations”. Her experience will indeed permit the Miami marlins a generous & influential season by 2025.

The Rejections before Acceptance

General Manager Kim NG worked diligently numerous times to acquire the position of GM. However, she’d be turned down by the San Francisco Giants & Seattle Mariners. Additional teams that rejected Kim NG included the Anaheim Angeles and San Diego Padres. Depending on the performance of Kim NG with the Miami Marlins, those teams could come to regret their decision. Her duties begin immediately & could see a change of coaching personnel at Miami.