MLB Maintains Coronavirus Streak of Zero Infections

The corporate division for Major League Baseball has done a formidable job in defending players & team personnel from the coronavirus pandemic. Most international sporting institutions have found challenges combating COVID-19, with notable athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo from Spain’s La Liga contracting the coronavirus. Major League Baseball hasn’t seen similar problems with their players & team personnel, with MLB Corporate announced that they’d extended their streak of no coronavirus cases to 54 days. It’s the longest streak seen with any sporting institution in North America.

Major League Baseball has sustained one day of positive infections. There’ve been 63 Days in MLBs 2020 Season, with 54 of those being coronavirus free. Clarification was given by the Commissioners Office of Major League Baseball, which detailed that 3500+ samples were collected & tested by a third-party facility. It should be mentioned that since beginning their 2020 Season this summer, more than 172+ thousand tests have been administered. MLB has seen 91 positive infections, prompting the lowest transmission rate of 0.05% in professional sports.

The MLB Commissioner’s Office detailed that from the 91 positive infections, 21 MLB teams had been infected. 51 Players contracted the virus, with a remaining 40 being team personnel. Whenever positive infections are confirmed in Major League Baseball, an extreme & prompt monitoring program is initiated. This guarantee’s that minimal transmission of the coronavirus will continue.

Eliminating the Virus

Major League Baseball has implemented multiple standards & regulations for the COVID-19 Era. One standard including having divisional teams meet at designated locations, with designation determined on safety standards. Neutral sites helped minimize exposure of COVID-19. Without following similar procedures to Major League Soccer’s “MLS is Back Tournament”, Major League Baseball would’ve likely struggled to eliminate the virus without an influx of infections.

The Los Angeles Dodgers & Tampa Bay Rays were two teams that didn’t hesitate to follow protocols initiated by MLB Corporate. This enabled their players to remain healthy while committing to indoor-personal training. It resulted in both teams being guaranteed for World Series contention. They’ll have competition from the Houston Astros & Atlanta Braves.