MLB Records Unlikely to Be Broken

There are tons of MLB records, and they are broken all the time. They say records are meant to be broken, but here are several of them where that may never happen. Lets take a look at some of the all-time greats in baseball record books.

Cal Ripken’s Consecutive Game Streak

Cal Ripken has the record of consecutive games played at 2,632. Many thought Lou Gehrig’s streak of 2,131 consecutive games played would never be broken, but Ripken did just that and with 501 more when it came to an end. No player is remotely close to Ripken’s streak, which is basically playing every day in the 162-game season for a little over 16 seasons.

Nolan Ryan’s 5,714 Career Strikeouts

The Ryan Express punched out 5,714 career batters in his Hall of Fame career, and Randy Johnson is 2nd on the list and 839 strikeouts behind the King. A couple of extra reasons this record is likely never to be broken is that pitchers don’t go as far in games as they used to and only one pitcher that currently plays in 2018 is in the top 20, and that is CC Sabathia, who has not passed 3,000 K’s.

Ty Cobb’s Career Batting Average of .367

Cobb’s career batting average will likely never be reached, as to be eligible a player needs 3,000 plate appearances. While there are some players that are close to him, they are from the old days, and no current player is even close. What makes Cobb’s career average even more impressive is that out of the top 40 career batting averages of all time he also played the most games and had the most at bats.

Joe DiMaggio’s 56-Game Hitting Streak

DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak is an impressive one, and 43 players have had 30-game hit streaks, but Joltin’ Joe is the only one to surpass 45 games. Willie Keeler is 2nd on the list at 45 games and 3rd on the list is Pete Rose at 44 games, and he has the most hits in the history of the game. In recent times Jimmy Rollins had a 38-game hitting streak in the 2005-2006 seasons, and he ranks 8th on the list.

Ricky Henderson’s 130 Stolen Bases

While Rickey Henderson’s 130 steals will likely never be broken the game has changed, and players do not steal bases as often. In the 2017 season, Dee Gordon led the league in steals with 60 swiped bases, which is a little bit behind Henderson’s record. Of the top 20 base stealing seasons of all time, Henderson is on the list three times.

Cy Young‘s 511 wins

This is definitely a record that will never be broken because of the fact that pitchers tend to go every five days while in Young’s day it was not uncommon to pitch every day or every other day. In the live ball era after 1920, Warren Spahn leads the list of most wins and he “only” had 363 of them. Not only does Cy Young have the most wins of all time, but he also has the most losses (316).