MLB Teams Concerned by Yu Darvish Trade

Concern is growing throughout Major League Baseball that Post-Covid, the competitive environment will change tenfold. Unexpected alterations nobody could account for are likely to unfold, with few teams supporting finances to continue their growth during Covid & for years afterwards. One franchise sustaining prominent funds is the San Diego Padres, who displayed their monetary power by acquiring the best pitcher in MLB. It’ll provide evident superiority to San Diego’s Padres, with the possibility of electing other prominent members still available for coaching personnel. San Diego’s first lineup could become stronger than any other franchises, showing that finances can create anti-competitive scenarios in Major League Baseball.

Twenty-nine franchises were permitted in electing Yu Darvish, the highest-rated pitcher in MLB for 2019. It’d be confirmed that San Diego was exclusive in contacting Darvish for a contract opportunity. This stemmed from the “Frozen Free-Agent Market” this winter, eliminating teams from acquiring largescale purchases with limitations placed on the finances available during signing periods.

Padres Holding Power Over MLB

The San Diego Padres displayed their financial power by not exclusively electing Yu Darvish, with an announcement coming 24-Hours-Later that Blake Snell will also transfer to the Padres. Two prominent acquisitions in a short timeframe indicates stark contracts between San Diego & the remaining twenty-eight franchises.

Coaching personnel sustaining these aggressive acquisitions wouldn’t have become possible without Covid-19 prompting financial implications onto the remainder of franchises. Chicago transferred multiple baseballers to inquire additional funds. Chicago transferred Darvish to acquire Zach Davies & four additional prospects, with three of those individuals being teenagers that haven’t competed professionally. Another prospect still competes in rookie divisions of baseball with an average of 300.

The Chicago Cubs are considered a legendary franchise for MLB. However, Covid-19s pandemic could initiate powershifts that last decades. San Diego’s acquisition of Darvish is the first instance of those powershifts. Ascertaining the finances needing for prominent acquisitions won’t happen for most franchises until 2023 to 2025.