New Installment of MLB The Game

The MLB has been one of the most popular sporting franchises available on consoles for decades. The latest edition is about to be released before the holiday season, with the game cover just recently being announced. Javier Baez, one of the best players for the Chicago Cubs, will appear on the cover of MLB 20: The Show. Other notable athletes who have appeared on Electronic Art Sporting Franchises include Michael Jordan, Jonathan Toews, Brain Urlacher and Patrick Kane. Javier Baez is the first Chicago Cubs player to be on the cover of this franchise.

The announcement that Javier Baez would be on the cover of MLB The Show was made on October 21st, 2019. However, the actual cover wouldn’t be released for public viewing until November 12th, 2019. He was shown on the MLB 2020 Cover through a social media announcement trailer on Facebook and Twitter. The two-minute trailer showed the infamous baseball athlete having his photoshoot and speaking about the upcoming game. One of the most exciting things about this announcement is that Baez is the first Puerto Rican to appear on the cover since the franchise started 23 Years Ago. The popularity of Javier Baez began when he assisted the Chicago Cubs with their 1st World Series Championship in 108 Years. Without Baez, the team wouldn’t have defeated the Cleveland Indians.

Since the announcement trailer was announced, an influx of pre-orders for MLB The Show 2020 have occurred in the Chicago Region. Prior fans tweeted Electronic Arts with their praise, noting that they haven’t bought one of their games since Chicago was last featured. This has led game analysts to argue that providing game covers jurisdiction-to-jurisdiction would enable higher sales for EA.

The Puerto Rico Perspective

Javier Baez is on the cover, hasn’t increased sales just in Chicago, but also in Puerto Rico. The country, which is known for not spending large quantities of money on video games, has had more than a 33% increase in pre-orders with the announcement of Baez on the cover. Multiple fans from the island nation sent tweets to Electronic Arts, noting that the Chicago Cubs aren’t their favourite team but will still be buying this game to remember the first Puerto Rican to ever appear on the cover.

Since receiving his cover photos, Javier Baez has had more confidence amongst his Puerto Rican Community, who have preferred other players in the league over himself. The trailer ended with his humble thank yours for the consideration. Unfortunately, the next season could change things up for this young superstar. It’s anticipated that Javier will be traded in the 2020/2021 Season. However, the contract states that if an immediate change is made in teams, his cover can be altered to account for the transition. This means there might be two copies for Puerto Ricans to purchase.