Trophies are very important in every sport as these rewards keep the player motivated for better outcome and keep the moral high. The price of these trophies does not matter for a player, these trophies are the award for a player’s hard work and this appreciation means all for a player. Getting the trophy is the dream of every player. Baseball is international sport and that’s why there are some baseball trophies that are recognized at national and international level and these trophies are the dream of every baseball player. Every single player strives for thee trophies.

All Star Game MVP

Given since 1962, the plaque has experienced numerous name changes all through its history. At first called the “Arch Ward Memorial Award,” for the man who imagined the All-Star amusement, it turned into “The Commissioner’s Trophy” in 1970. However, in 1985 the World Series trophy was renamed the Commissioner’s Trophy, returning the All Star MVP to the Arch Ward Memorial Award. In 2002 it turned into the Ted Williams Most Valuable Player Award.

Babe Ruth Award

The Babe Ruth award — a standing trophy — is awarded by the New York Chapter of the Baseball Writers of America to the most remarkable player in the postseason. From it’s beginning in 1949 to 2006, it just awarded World Series execution and played second fiddle to the MLB endorsed World Series Most Valuable Player Award — particularly since it wasn’t awarded until half a month after the World Series.

Be that as it may, the move to incorporate the whole postseason, not only the Fall Classic, in 2007 created a niche for the trophy and added to its glory. Two players, Jack Morris and Sandy Koufax, have won the Babe Ruth Award twice.

Best Major League Player ESPY Award

The ESPY Award is a gem statuette given out amid the ESPN ESPYS, which is the games world’s identical to the Oscars or the Grammys. Since the ESPYS beginning in 1993 there has been an award for Best Major League Player. In the vicinity of 1993 and 2004 the award was dictated by fans and in addition specialists, for example, sportswriters and resigned players. Starting in 2005 it was resolved exclusively by Internet voters. Albert Pujols and Barry Bonds have the most baseball ESPYS with four. Pedro Martinez has likewise been various victors.

Branch Rickey Award

Named after the unbelievable Dodger official, the Branch Rickey Award is given to an individual required with Major League baseball for magnificence in group benefit. The victor gets a two-foot-tall bronze model of a baseball player.

Consistently each group assigns one individual for the award and after that the Rotary Club of Denver, who thought about the award in 1992, chooses the victor.

There still can’t seem to be a numerous champ and the trophy doesn’t really go to a player, as administrators Tommy Lasorda and Bobby Valentine and Chicago White Sox official Roland Hemond have all won a Branch Rickey.

Comeback Player of the Year Award

This is a trophy given to an American League and a National League player who has “re-developed on the baseball field amid a given season.” The award, which debuted in 2005, is a piece of sponsorship understanding amongst Viagra and Major League Baseball. The victor is controlled by a board of Major League Baseball beat essayists.

While most of the champs are “returning” for genuine damage, a few, most striking Brad Lidge and Cliff Lee took the trophy in the wake of recovering their profession on track following a loathsome year.