Robinson Cano Suspended for 162 MLB Games

Corporate Executives with Major League Baseball announced the suspension of Robinson Cano. Suspension of Robinson Cano follows after the “US Anti-Doping Agency” conducted a test for performance-enhancing drugs in the baseman’s blood. Positive readings were confirmed by the USADA, prompting Robinson’s second suspension for performance-enhancing drugs.

Unlike the first instance that saw Robinson Cano found guilty of using performance-enhancing drugs resulted in a multi-game suspension. Testing officials didn’t hesitate to evoke a stronger & more severe punishment against Robinson Cano. USADA have suspended Cano for the 2021 MLB Season, prompting the immediate removal of his $24 Million yearly salary. Supporters of Major League Baseball are shocked to hear that the NY Mets will lose their All-Star winning player, who maintains .316 for 2020. Robinson additionally sustained ten home robs & thirty RBIs during MLBs shortened campaign.

The New York Mets have backup options available on their offensive lineup, with Baseman Jeff McNeill being a prominent option to replace Robinson Cano in 2021. MLB Supporters have suggested that the Mets elect DJ LeMahieu for temporary replacement, with that baseballer receiving candidacy for 2020s Most Valuable Player.

Robinson Cano isn’t likely the individual most disturbed by this announcement. The NY Mets obtained another team owner in 2020, with Steve Cohen purchasing the team for $2.4 Billion. Losing a prominent player that defines the Mets starting lineup will likely anger Cohen. Positivity is still being evoked by Steve Cohen, who clarified he’ll replace Robinson with an equally capable baseballer. It’s the one chance the New York Mets have at reaching the 2021 MLB Championship.

Stanozolol Found in Robinson’s Blood

MLBs Commissioner Officer provided core details regarding Robinson Cano’s positive test. It was clarified that Stanozolol was the performance-enhancing drug located, which is an Anabolic Steroid. His actions come two years & ten months after receiving his first suspension in May 2018. Robinson Cano played with the Seattle Mariners in 2018, where he’d test positive for Furosemide & receive an 80-game suspension. The USADA has doubled his suspension period for 2020s offence. It should be noted that representatives of Robinson Cano have emphasised they won’t contest this suspension in court.