Tom Seaver Passes Away

The New York Mets have lost one of their iconic baseballers. Tom Seaver was confirmed to have died after contracting COVID-19. The deathly illness that’s infected millions worldwide infected Tom Seaver, with initial contraction being kept private. Seaver’s condition with Dementia grew worse after contracting COVID-19, prompting his untimely death at 75. The Seaver family issued an official statement through the National Baseball Hall of Fame, where they evoked their broken hearts towards losing a father & husband. Supporters of Seaver have also issued their condolences via social media.

Tom Seaver didn’t suffer in his final moments, with his COVID-19 conditions decreasing in his last days. The Seaver Family clarified that his symptoms with Dementia worsened after testing positive for the coronavirus. His daughter & wife tried to evoke that COVID-19 didn’t kill their husband/father. However, the coronavirus prompted Tom Seaver’s unexpected death.

His death marks another member of the “NY Miracle Mets” being lost. The team from 1969 have become legendary throughout Major League Baseball history, dominating over the Baltimore Orioles in the MLB World Series. Tom Seaver was an iconic player on the 1969 New York Mets, having started in professional baseball a year earlier & becoming a record-stealing rookie. Seaver played between 1968-1968 before retiring. His status as Hall of Famer is undeniable with 13 All-Star Titles & multiple MLB Championships.

1992 marked the date when Tom Seaver was entered into the MLB Hall of Fame, standing as a first-ballot entry. His time with the New York Mets is unforgettable & the team still considers Seaver one of the best to dawn their jersey. Tom “Terrific” Seaver had his No.41 jersey retired in 1988, something that isn’t granted to most players unless an iconic legacy is crafted.

Condolences from Manfred

An official statement regarding Tom Seaver’s death was issued by Rob Manfred, the Major League Baseball Commissioner. He evoked sadness after hearing of this passing & noted that Seaver was one of the greatest pitchers in MLB history. Manfred also extended his condolences to the Seaver Family. It’s not known if MLBs Commissioner will issue a formal minute of silence for the passing of Tom Seaver.