Yankees Have Something to Worry About This Season

The New York Yankee’s have much to worry about as Spring Training is taking shape. The biggest challenge for the team is the health of their players. At the beginning of camp the Yankees had a few spots still open for first and second base and had penciled in a few prospects. They also pencilled in a few seasoned players who have the capability of playing both positions. They signed free agent Neil Walker and acquired Brandon Drury from Arizona.

The Yankees also signed Giancarlo Stanton in the off-season with hopes of replacing the lost lineup of Chase Headley, Starlin Castro and Todd Frazier. Yet there is a number of solid prospects in the minors waiting to be called up and while worried about overall health, for General Manager Brian Cashman, he should be rather comfortable at the moment – right?

Management never comfortable

Commenting on that level of comfort, Cashman said,

“I’m never comfortable, I never said I was comfortable. The best general managers are served well by being uncomfortable at all times. I think these guys all know my job is to find something better than they are. At all times, that’s the job: to improve the roster when opportunity exists.”

New York had chased Drury for some time and finally were able to sign him in February to a three year deal, one that saw the Yankees sending one of their prospects to Tampa Bay and another to Arizona. As for Walker, he was signed for $4 million and while it might hurt the team when it comes to adding to the puzzle come trade deadline, Cashman is not worried saying he would have done the Walker deal period.

As far as Cashman is concerned, it is a trade-off of power and he is not concerned about that so long as they are getting runs. The concerns over second and third base are all but resolved with the signing of Drury and Walker.

As for Aaron Boone, the new manager of the Yankees, it is not uncommon for to wake up with ideas and concerns but says that is his job to worry. He is happy with the way the team is looking but said you always have concerns, it is just part of the job.

Boone has had a stellar career, his best way in 2003 with the Yankees as a player when playing in the World Series. So far though, Spring Training however has been anything but fun, at least not for all players such as Jacoby Ellsbury and Clint Frazier, who respectively suffered a oblique that was strained and concussion. However, for the most part, the Yankees are looking prime for the beginning of the season and their only real worry is the other teams they must eventually face.

Teams of concern for 2018

The Red Sox are the favoured team this season as they won the A.L East last season, and the same applies to the Astros. Both had the two best teams in baseball last year and have maintained most of their lineup, so for other teams such as the Yankees, it is something to worry about.