70 Game Ban for Former Yankee After DUI

Shane Spencer, the former outfielder for the New York Yankees, was slapped by the Korea Baseball Organization with 80 hours community service as well as a $4 100 fine on top of being suspended for 70 matches after a DUI.

The former Yankee was managing the Futures League minor club, the Goyang Heroes since 2015. The Goyang Heroes are affiliated with the Kiwoon Heroes. Spencer did resign from his position as manager for the club the day after being caught driving under the influence, but it still resulted in the Korean Baseball League taking action against him. The standard punishment for driving under the power would be a 50 game ban and a fine valued at 3 million Korean won, but Spencer had further charges added to his name. After being caught, it was also discovered that he was driving with an international license which has already expired. This led to the added penalties of 70 games as well as 80 hours of community service and an additional 5000 won fine.

Even though Spencer is no longer in his position as manager at the Goyang Heroes, he remains contracted to them and can fulfil another place at the club as soon as that he has served his suspension. Spencer notified the parents of the club once the police started to question him, and then they informed the league office regarding the development. An interim manager will fill the position at the Goyang Heroes.

Spencer’s Career

The 47-year old baseball star was active during seven seasons in Major Baseball League. He spent the first five seasons at the New York Yankees from 1998 to 2002. He was also part of the team who won the World Series in 1998 as well as in 1999. During 538 games which he played for the New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians, Texas Rangers and New York Mets, he managed 438 hits, 242 RBI’s and 59 home runs. He is best remembered for his performance in September 1998 when he set a record at that stage for Major League Rookies when he hit ten home runs as well as three grand slams. That performance earned him a place on the Yankees post-season roster.

Spencer could, however, not keep up with this performance, but he was reliable in the Yankees camp and stayed on. His career did, however, take a downturn when he started playing as a free agent for the Mets. Many injuries and striking out often took the toll on his career.

After leaving the Yankees, he had some trouble off the field as well with cutting his foot in a bar. He was sent to rehab. It was however during this time when he had his first DUI offence and was caught for driving under the influence at 97 mph. He later on also had some run-ins with the Florida police in 2004 when both he and his teammate was accused of assaulting a pizza delivery in 2004.