AL Central Predictions

Last week we ran over the AL East predictions. This week we’re covering yet another major league with some of the biggest teams who could claim the title and find themselves in the world series.

2018 showed us a lot of what these teams consist of. Many have already made their predictions for the year ahead. Now that there’s just a few weeks away from the first game and teams are already in practice mode. We certainly can’t go wrong with some critical details about the league and how the teams are geared up for the win.

The Cleveland Indians are the star of the show as they managed to claim their third consecutive title last season. By the looks of it, there’s now slowing them down. From what we saw last week, it’s quite interesting to see the domination of individual teams. The Boston Red Sox seem to be the kings of the AL East as they could claim their fourth title as well.

The American League Central is undoubtedly a highlight for many baseball fans in the year ahead. Especially those seeking wager opportunities and looking for teams who might claim their way to the world series. Well, the Cleveland Indians certainly have a record well worth considering, especially with starting rotations involving Trevor Bauer, Mike Clevinger, Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco and Shane Bieber. All these rotations became the focus as the number one position in Bleacher report’s top 10 list of starting staffs in baseball.

Many consider Bieber’s potential breakout candidate to make the greatest of staff even better. With the holes in the outfield, the team would need to ensure that both Jose Ramirez and Francisco Lindor are all in as they would need to score more than enough runs to ensure they back their pitching staff, which would most likely result in yet another comfortable title for the division.

What About the Minnesota Twins?

The Minnesota Twins are second on the list of possible winners of the AL Central, but after the 2017 wild-card berth, it seems as if the team just took a step backwards.

In 2018, we saw even more disappointment from the team as Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton were underperforming by more than just a little bit. They would see both these players step up the game, and the rotations would have to hold onto Jose Berrios before the team would have a shot at the playoffs.

While there is still time to make a run for Craig Kimbrel, the team would be relying on Trevor May and Blake Parker to close the game, which is entirely possible, but it just seems as if it’s a bit of the long stretch. Though anything is possible, we can’t see the team pull together enough to defeat the Cleveland Indians.