Alex Cora Terminated from Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox confirmed that they’d terminated Alex Cora. This follows a series of proven allegations that showed Alex Cora had engaged in league-illegal behaviour. Its shocked fans of the organization that this assistant coach broke numerous forms of legislation when working for the Houston Astros in 2017. However, Alex Cora moved organizations in 2018 to the Boston Red Sox. It was his secretive talents that acquired the World Series Title in 2018.

Alex Cora implemented a sign-stealing strategy throughout the 2017 World Series, which enabled his players to gain a specialized advantage. Taking the role of the Houston Astros Hitting Coach, this man encouraged the illegal actions and reportedly used a select percentage of those methods with the Red Sox. This prompted the team to determine that Alex Cora can’t effectively lead in this organization moving forward. It was a decision made with the Major League Baseball Commissioner, Rob Manfred. Subsequently, analysts are beginning to wonder if Alex Cora will face further punishments. This would most likely be a permanent ban from all official baseball leagues in the United States of America.

Penalties Face the Houston Astros

The Major League Baseball Association is implementing a full-scale investigation into the Houston Astros. It would’ve been known by coaching staff and players that league legislation was being broken. The Houston Astros were considered the highest-rated team throughout the 2017 season, with significant penalties slated to follow. Rob Manfred himself plans to provide the Astros with the most severe punishment possible, which could be a one-year ban from MLB. This potential action is being praised by critics, with cheating being a substantial issue in major league baseball for more than fifteen years.

The initial investigation regarding the Houston Astros revealed that video equipment was used during home-based games. This enabled the coaching staff and players with the Astros to account for signs from opponent catchers. Team members watching the video footage would signal players from the batter’s box, allowing them to know what the next pitch could come their way. This is considered to be one of the most detrimental actions of cheating in MLB for more than ten years. It’s anticipated that the Houston Astros won 101 through this illegal system. Considering that the majority of the world series was held in Houston, this video equipment assisted with them acquiring the 2017 World Series as well.