Alex Gordon Retiring After 2020

Major League Baseball is losing an iconic outfielder come to the end of 2020s Season. Alex Gordon announced that he’d retire from the Kansas City Royals after this year, marking the end to a notable career. Alex Gordon achieved the Gold Glove Award & is also an MLB All-Star.

When questioned on why he’d leave Major League Baseball with still performing admirably, Alex Gordon noted that the COVID-19 pandemic changed his mindset on life & reinforced the idea of spending more time with family. Gordon wants to catch-up on the things that he’s missed in recent decades, like his children growing up.

Alex Gordon initially signed a one-year contract with the Kansas City Devils in 2005, and never anticipated that his career would be sustained at one team. Alex Gordon has accomplished what few in professional sports have, end his career where it all began & to have never left. It should be mentioned that the concept of Alex Gordon retiring isn’t new, with the idea first proposed when the Kansas City Royals began altering their lead coaching staff. Gordon sustained his career longer than expected after the restructuring, but the outfielder knew that MLB is forever changed after the Houston Astros Scandal & COVID-19 pandemic.

Thoughts on Retirement

The KCR Outfielder was asked what his plans are after retirement, where Alex Gordon evoked, he’ll play golf & enjoy the more delicate foods in life. He provided minimal details regarding what plans his family have in post-retirement. Alex Gordon has remained private about his personal life outside of Major League Baseball.

Alex Gordon also mentioned that articulating your emotions & feelings after fifteen years is impossible. The Kansas City Royals General Manager, Dayton Moore, evoked that Gordon created a legendary status through commitment & hard work ethic. They’ll use the image of this iconic outfielder for future generations of the Kansas City Royals. It should be noted that two exclusive other players maintained their full career at Kansas City Royals. That included Frank White & George Brett. It’s expected that the Royals will retire Alex Gordon’s number in their stadium in honour of his commitment.