American League East Predictions

With the teams getting ready for practice in within just a few weeks and the first match starting in less than two months, more and more major league baseball fans are getting ready for another year of action.

We already see some significant changes in top teams, making us wonder how it will all play out at the end. Luckily, we can start with the national divisions before heading over to the world series and see who the ones are worth placing a wager.

The AL East (American League East) is one of the major leagues in baseball and an important one to follow for all baseball fans. Below, we take a look at some predictions for AL East and see who could be claiming the title for the year ahead, could the Boston Red Sox claim the fourth consecutive title?

The Red Sox managed a fantastic season last year, claiming 108 games and the franchise record. They even went on to 11-3 on their way to the world series, making them the team to look out for in 2019.

However, with Craig Kimbrel most likely leaving the team, we might see Matt Barnes and Ryan Brasier having to pick up the pace to cover the closer’s gap. However, the rest of the team has been in it for the win, and we see no stopping them when it comes to claiming the AL East for the fourth consecutive year. What’s even more favourable for the team is the return of Nathan Eovaldi who has agreed to another full season. Not only is he a great addition to the team, but it’s expected of him to reach new levels when it comes to rotation.

New York Yankees Disagree

While the Red Sox might have the record to prove they’re the best, the New York Yankees are lined up to teach them a lesson in the games to come. They are the ones to who started the rotation, bringing back J.A. Happ who stood out the late season while also seeing the return of James Paxton.

While those additions are great, the team is depending on Gary Sanchez to bring his part and perform the way he used to. At the same time, they are hoping Luke Voit can deliver some more of the magic we saw late-season last year.

Don’t Count Out Tampa Bay Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays might have required some work towards the end of last season, but they still managed a 19-9 for September, and a total of 90 wins overall. The offence is the area to focus on for the team. There’s no denying that their pitching is some of the best in the MLB.

If they can sort out the offence and get the team back on track, including Tyler Glasnow, they would have a great shot at the title. They’ll also need to take careful consideration with the replacement for Brant Honeywell who might join the rotation by the mid-season.