Baseball is one of the most famous sports in the world. There are many countries where it is played at national level and baseball is considered as best sport to get your child involved in. some of the countries have no interest in baseball. The basic concept of baseball is promoting team work and it encourages the player to work for problem solving.

There are some proofs of the existence of bat ball games in the 14th century but the first official game that was on record, took place in 1749. After some years, people began to like baseball and its concept and after 1856, baseball was so famous that it was declared as national pastime. This title shows the craze for baseball and motivates too take part in this game and contribute in the heritage building of this game.

Like every field of life, baseball has also some interesting history and facts. If you are a baseball lover, then you surely deserve to know about baseball facts and that’s why we are here with you to share these baseball facts with baseball lovers. So, stay with us and let’s have a look at some baseball facts:


Baseball match is just like a cricket match but with different rules and regulation for game play. There are two main components of baseball game. One main item is bat and the other one is ball. The match is played between two teams and each team has 9 players. Every team takes it turns for fielding and batting. Each team tries it’s best to score the highest score and the team with higher score is the winner of the match.

First Recorded Game

Although there has been many evidences that baseball has been around for many years but there are no authentic proofs until the 1846. The first official game that has the record was played in the U.S. This first official match of baseball was played between Knickerbockers in the New York Nine. So this match was first step towards official fame of baseball in the United States.

Rubbing mud

For the better grip of balls during the match, balls were used to be rubbed in dirt and water but it caused many problems during the match as it badly affected the quality of ball. So in 1938, Lena Blackburne Baseball Rubbing mud was introduced by Lena Blackburne. Now in every league and match, baseball balls are rubbed with this mud for better grip and it does not affect the quality of ball.

Weird Fact

It is commonly said that some players during matches, pee on their hands to improve the grip of the ball and bat. They prefer peeing on their hands instead of wearing gloves.

No Time Limit

In most of the games, game play depends upon the time of the game and the math is ended as the clock runs out of time, but in baseball matches, only scored points decide the victory of the game and the team with higher scores win the match.