Baseball Heroes, Interesting Facts

The crowds adore them, the sponsors love them, and their teammates rely on them, but often there are some interesting facts which is much lesser known to the public about these baseball heroes. We are exploring some interesting facts about these men.

Lorenzo Cain

Winner of a Fielding Bible Award and two Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Awards as well as receiving the 2014 American League Championship Series Most Valuable Player Award, has ended up playing baseball due to failing at basketball. His father passed away when he was only four years old, and his mother raised him. When Lorenzo Cain didn’t make his school’s basketball team in his sophomore year, he decided to switch basketball for baseball. He did this at a time when he didn’t even have a baseball glove. Fans would agree, this was a decision which worked out well for the young Lorenzo Cain.

Max Kepler

Playing for the Minnesota Twins, the Berlin-born player has a much broader name than what appears on the board. Maximilian Kepler-Różycki is a left-handed player who played for the Buchbinder Legionäre Regensburg of Bundesliga before he signed for the Twins. Often players follow in the footsteps of their parents, but this wasn’t the case for Kepler. Both his parents are professional ballet dancers. His mother is from Texas and his father from Poland, and they met while dancing for the same ballet company in Germany. Kepler started playing baseball already in Little League, but at the age of seven years old, he received a scholarship for tennis from the Steffi Graf Tennis Foundation. Kepler declined and stuck to baseball. One can only wonder if he chose otherwise whether his fans would now have been seated around Wimbledon.

Ichiro Suzuki

The Japanese professional outfielder had an unbeaten run for 28 seasons when he retired from the game earlier this year while playing for the Seattle Mariners. Over this period Ichiro has received many awards from being AL Rookie of the year in 2001 to 10 Golden Glove Awards, three Silver Slugger Awards and many more. What he is however infamous for is his foul mouth and his pre-game speeches in the locker room which was notoriously profanity-ridden. This made for excellent entertainment and brilliant quoting material.

Kyle Schwarber

Playing for the Chicago Cubs is just one of this man’s many talents. Before making his debut into MLB in 2015, this 26-year old player also applied himself to other areas in life. The son of a retired police chief grew up in Middletown Ohio, and he was indeed a linebacker in the school’s football team. He was also actively participating in the Middletown High School’s show choir and is indeed a man of many talents. Later on, he followed in the footsteps of his uncle, Thomas Schwarber who played as a pitcher for Ohio State and later on for the Detroit Tigers minor league system.