Baseball Injuries – When it All Goes Wrong

As with any sport, you can either go slow and take a lot longer to progress or you can go all out and push yourself to become one of the best. Pushing yourself certainly has consequences, especially with sports such as Baseball.

For the most part, the game seems rather harmless, but there have actually been multiple cases where players ended up hospital with serious injuries. I know what you are thinking, the worst that could happen in a bruised mark where the ball might have hit someone. Well, let’s have a look at a few and see just how bad it can get.

Oh! Right in the..

Yes, the groin. Chris Snyder suffered a serious injury in 2008 while taking on the Brewers. The catcher was sitting behind the line, ready to catch the ball, but things went to review our and the high-speed ball hit to player directly in the groin.

Chris manage to play a few more rounds, but eventually took himself out as the pain was just too much. Even with a cup, Chris suffered a fractured testicle, which is extremely painful and took it out of the games for 15 days.

Luckily, he has now returned to professional baseball and is able to perform as he did before the accident.

Foul Ball in Face!

We all knew there will be at least one ball story on this list, but this is a bit more than just a bruise on someone’s leg. Juan Incarnation might not be a name that comes to mind as a professional player, but that is the cause he only managed to stay in professional baseball for 11 seasons.

He was an up and coming player with great promise, making his debut at the age of 21. However, in 2007 the player forms part of the Cardinals team when his team mate struck a foul ball, which headed straight for Juan’s eye. The ball hits him so hard that he fractured multiple parts of his eye socket.

Of course, he was unable to return for the remainder of the season and later announced that he will not be returning to MLB.

Breaking Your Own Arm

If you didn’t think it is possible to hurt yourself while pitching, guess again. Tony Saunders formed part of the Tampa Bay Rays in 1999 when he took part in a game against the Rangers.
Stepping up to the plate to pitch, the up and coming player forced so much velocity through his arm that he actual broke it. The game shows as the player pitched the ball perfect and then drop to the plate in screaming pain.

As if that is not enough, he quickly recovered and got ready for the next season, during which he once again managed to break his throwing arm. Due to these injuries, he was forced to retire at a young age of just 26.