Baseball Legend Bill Buckner Passes Away

On Monday morning, the world of baseball lost a legend. Bill Buckner passed away at the age of 69. According to his wife, Jody, he fought a brave battle, but, in the end, he lost his fight against Lewy body dementia. Lewy body dementia is characterized by protein deposits, which is also known as Lewy bodies, which develop in the nerve cells in the brain, and it affects thinking, memory and movement.

Bill was a baseball hero with 2 715 hits over his 22-year career. He played for five teams during his career.

Early Days

Being born and bred in the Bay area, Bill’s career took flight when he joined the big leagues when he started playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers. In the Dodgers camp, he spent the first eight years of his career. From the Dodger’s he moved to the Chicago Cubs. This period in his career was highly successful. He joined them before the 1977 season. In 1981 he became All-Star. He also finished under the top 20 MVP voting in the years 1978 to 1982. In 1984 he was part of an exchange between the Sox and Chicago Cubs, and he then played for the Sox for two and a half years.

The Red Sox Moment

It was October at the Shea Stadium, and the Red Sox held a 5-3 lead over the New York Mets in Game 6. Bill was at first base, and it was the 10th inning. Calvin Schiraldi, reliever of the Sox, already dismissed the first two Mets when Bob Stanley took over from him. Mitchell scored a much-needed run for the Mets when Stanley’s first pitch was a wild pitch. Wilson followed up when he directed a slow ground ball towards the first base line. Bill went in to play the football, but it skipped under his glove and into the right field. This allowed Knight to run around third and this secured for New York their win. The Mets won, and the Sox went into a championship drought until 2004.

Later Years

Bill left the Red Sox and played for California Angels and Kansas City Royals before he returned in 1990 and joined the Sox again. The effect of too many injuries leads to his release not much later on that year. Bill struggled to get rid of media criticism over that fateful night. He moved with his family to Massachusetts as an escape. In 2008 wounds could be healed. The Sox were under new ownership, and the club showed a success. Bill made a return, and in 2008 he threw the ceremonial pitch at Fenway Park. The Boston Red Sox celebrated their success in the World Series arena. In just four years they won two World Series titles.

Bill mentioned it wasn’t the fans that he had to forgive. It was the media who placed him and his family in a terrible spotlight which had to be forgiven. Today, that day is forgotten, and the brilliant memory of a baseball legend is all that remains in the hearts of his fans.