Baseball Stoppage Evoked by MLBPA

Professional baseball in 2020 is unavoidable according to Rob Manfred, with the MLB Commissioner confirming he’ll make a final attempt at managing negotiations with the Player’s Association before enacting a forced season. This announcement comes after the corporate division, and player’s association in Major League Baseball have struggled to reach an agreement regarding the 2020 salaries.

The MLBPA had requested a more extended season to obtain 75% of their yearly wages, with the corporate division maintained by Rob Manfred requiring a smaller season to payout 25% of the annual salaries. The MLB Commission will propose a middle-ground agreement that awards 50% of a player’s yearly income. Refusal will evoke the “Opening Day Clause”, which bypasses negotiations with the player’s association & forces professionals to play immediately or be permanently terminated.

The Major League Baseball Corporate Division confirmed they’d force the shorter schedule upon refused negotiations, with rumours from insiders with the Player’s Association indicating that returned proposals from the MLBPA will request 100% of their salaries. Playing hardball with the corporate division will prove unsatisfactory for the Player’s Association, who won’t find themselves entering subsequent negotiations if the MLBPA strikes. Unlike the previous strike in the early 2000s, Rob Manfred will reformat the entire league if athletes refuse to compete. This means numerous professionals are losing their positions.

Invoking a minimal season of eighty games hasn’t been maintained since 1879, showing the travesty surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Corporate Division has lost hundreds of millions over the last three months, with training camps having to be postponed. Manfred had hoped they’d revise the upcoming season before opening day, which would ultimately prove impossible. The Commissioner noted that the MLBPA is forcing a new game to be lost daily by refusing negotiations.

The Losses

Considering the losses associated with the coronavirus, baseballers are showcasing incredible greed by refusing to take lower salaries. All other sporting leagues other than the NFL have implemented pay cuts, with their respective unions happily obliging. It’s easy to understand why Manfred is frustrated when considering these factors. Regardless of what the MLBPA wants to do moving forward, they’ll find themselves forcibly being told to prepare for opening day.