Bernie Sanders Sends MLB Commissioner Second Letter

The significant outrage that has followed against the Major League Baseball Commission has been extensive. It’s reached the point that political officials have begun getting involved, including Bernie Sanders. The aging-potential president sent out a letter to the commissioner, which was ignored. Subsequently, Sanders revealed that he sent a secondary letter for Manfred.

This second letter re-iterated that refusal to negotiate with the Minor League Baseball Association would be unprofessional and be looked like an act of bad faith. All of these problems began in November when Sanders confronted MLB Executives and demanded they withdraw their proposal. Unfortunately, all attempts on Bernie’s behalf have been met with ignorant public replies through the media. However, Sanders has confirmed that if he becomes president, Congress will move forward with ensuring that the MLBs disassociation with minor leagues is removed.

The Potential

There’s some glistening hope for parents and children connected with the Minor League Baseball Association. December 2nd marked the first meeting between Manfred and Sanders, where it was confirmed that the commissioner would negotiate under good faith. However, Sanders has refused to begin the negotiations and slowly take back his word. Subsequently, Bernie Sanders is meeting with executives at the Minor Baseball League Association. This meeting will take place in Iowa, one of the primary states for the presidential elect. Included in this meeting will be players, parents, and club managers with the MBLA.

Major League Baseball began a feud with the MBLA after Manfred stated that the current system maintained doesn’t benefit his league financially. However, this association is meant to be free-of-charge and promote the growth of baseball. Concerns have begun that Manfred would funnel acquired money from the MLBA to offshore banking accounts. However, Major League Baseball executives have been quick to come to Manfred’s defense.

Bernie Sanders will remain a significant critic of Manfred’s public actions. The commissioner is coming off villainous, with him targeting the Vermont-MLBA Team located in Sanders’s home city. Representatives with Major League Baseball have stated that their working to preserve organized baseball but have begun any steps to ensure the continuation of MLBA. What happens next is dependant on how far Bernie Sanders is willing to move forward with punishments towards the MLB and Manfred.