Blue Jays Show Dedication to Workforce

Employed Canadians working for the Toronto Blue Jays were providing relief following May 21st. Stability was promised to these individuals through the Uniform Employee Contract, which the Blue Jays have committed to paying employees during the coronavirus pandemic until October 1st. This announcement follows after multiple publications with other Major League Baseball teams were made, confirming their respective workforces would be furloughed or terminated under certain conditions.

The Toronto Blue Jays have the financial capabilities to pay their workforces for prolonged periods. It follows after their Apparel & Merchandise sell at higher rates than 90% of the other teams in MLB. Similia effects are seen with the Toronto Maple Leaf’s, showing the Canadian pride & support behind their professional sports teams. It should be noted that though payments will be provided until October 1st, the valuation of bi-weekly direct deposits will be lower than conventionally earned. This will allow the Blue Jays to compensate for continued medical coverage & benefits, which provide this workforce with better healthcare during the coronavirus pandemic.

Prior Commitments

The Toronto Blue Jays had previously announced in late March that their workforce would receive bi-weekly direct deposits until May 31st. That’s when executives had anticipated the novel coronavirus pandemic to conclude. After medical experts working with the Blue Jays confirmed that this virus wouldn’t end for a prolonged period, revising the Uniform Employee Contract was required.

Members in this workforce have discretely informed reporters with NBC Sports & ESPN that they weren’t anticipating an extension to the Uniform Employee Contract. It’s provided with these individuals with considerable relief, with most team workforces receiving compensation until the maximum of June 1st.

Additional teams in the Major League Baseball following in the lead of the Blue Jays includes the Saint Louis Cardinals, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants, and Minnesota Twins. There are teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates that don’t follow the Blue Jays lead, with that outfit announcing operations staff have been furloughed or terminated. The Pirates received considerable backlash for their decision, with their Employee Reserve Fund extending beyond the average business. Most are struggling during the pandemic, and the Pittsburgh Pirates don’t have a right to turn their backs on those that made them profitable.