Boston Red Sox Regular Season Predictions

As the new season gets underway, the Red Sox fans can’t help making predictions that might be too early but could pay off in the long run, especially for those looking to place some bets.

With the 108th win reason behind us, we look forward to 2019 to see what teams will emerge and shine for the year ahead. We already know the Red Sox are aiming high, primarily since they’ve managed to score three straight wins in the AL East. Many predict they’ll take yet another title this year, making it an excellent place to start the bets!

While most of the predictions are bound to make Red Sox fans smile, there might be just one that won’t fair as well. However, these predictions are realistic or at least as practical as can be up to this point. It would be a good challenge to see how the projections do throughout the year and come back to this list and see where we were right or wrong. Anyway, let’s get into the predictions for the 2019 regular season for the Boston Red Sox.

Rafael Devers isn’t the Best, but Third in Red Sox

There’s no doubt that Devers is a great hitter, but when you look closely at the stats, it’s clear that he doesn’t perform quite as well as J.D Martinez or Mookie Betts.

However, let’s not take anything away from this batter as he did only do his MLB debut in 2017 and managed to draw up some good states with 240 plate appearances that resulted in a 110 wRC+. In 2018, it got even better with a staggering rate of over 24%. Now, getting ready for 2019, we expect to see even more great things from Devers.

Even though the stable contact rate seems to be decreasing from the 34.5% in 2017 to the 34.4% in 2018, but in 2019 we might see a whole new approach as he aims to bet better OPS than last season, which was already impressive at .883.

Craig Kimbrel has a lot to Prove!

Though he is currently a free agent, we might see Kimbrel return to the Red Sox and do what he does best, best just better than what we’ve seen in the last few years.

Kimbrel had added to the Red Sox a few years ago when the team needed players to help them get back to the postseason while also making the right moves and make their way to the world series. While part of the team, he managed an impressive record, including 305 strikeouts and 108 saves, all in just 184 and third innings.

If he does return to the Red Sox, it would be a short term deal, but it would be a good move on the team’s behalf as he needs to perform at his very best and stand out in the crowd to be selected for a long-term deal next season.