Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals Series Postponed

Busch Stadium won’t see the Chicago Cubs & St. Louis Cardinals compete in a three-game series, with Major League Baseball postponing those matches after two additional players contracted COVID-19 with the Cardinals. It was initially announced that Friday’s game had entered postponement status, with Saturday or Sunday slated to start the series. MLB noted they’d provide clarification to their decision once tests became confirmed. With the two new infections, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred couldn’t afford to continue onwards with the series. This means that a collective of twenty-four games has been terminated in the 2020 MLB Season.

The St. Louis Cardinals alone have missed ten of their standard issued games, with the Philadelphia Phillies and Miami Marlins both have several games postponed. Each of these three outfits will be forced into completing shorted seasons, hoping to obtain a position into the Championship Finals. The chances of either the Cardinals, Phillies, or Marlins winning the MLB 2020 Championship is minimal.

It now marks several days since the St. Louis Cardinals haven’t competed in an official game, with players regularly testing positive for COVID-19. It’s known that eight players have confirmed infections, including Yadier Molina. Their Star Catcher & Pitcher is expected to recover without any long-standing medical issues.

Quarantine, Upcoming Games, and Infection Percentages.

The influx of infections seen throughout the St. Louis Cardinals forced Rob Manfred to demand the team quarantine themselves. Instead of spending the conventional 14-Day Quarantine Period for COVID-19 Infections, Manfred allowed the Cardinals to return home from Milwaukee after five days. It’s suspected that their continued travel prompted the additional two infections, while likely infections American Civilians before returning home.

The St. Louis Cardinals are expected to compete again on August 11th, permitting that there aren’t any additional confirmed infections. They’ll compete against the Pittsburgh Pirates, while the Chicago Cubs are matched with the Cleveland Indians for August 12th.

It should be clarified that the overall infection percentage in Major League Baseball is sustained at 0.01%. There’s been a total of 71 Positive Infections, with 22 being MLB Personnel & 49 being Baseballers. This 0.01% infection percentage is amongst 53+ Thousand individuals that are tested weekly.