Enyel De Los Santos Wins First Major League Debut

Enyel De Los Santos shocks audience as he wins his first major league debut. While at the same time the Phillies had two-star players, Odubel Herrera and Maikel Franco who won countless home runs during the game against the Mets which took place on Tuesday evening. By the end of the game, the Phillies celebrated an impressive win with a score of 7-3.

During the game, Franco gracelessly scored four home runs for the Phillies, despite being a bit tired after beginning the long day being on top of the National League East. Franco impressed his growing fan base as this is his 10th time winning out of the 13 games played. Also, on the field, Nick Williams managed to score three helpful hits along with two R.B.I, which created the perfect environment to gain a home run. Rhys Hopkins got three hits in as well, which when all combined led to the success of the team.

De Los Santos is a 22-year-old right-hander, was one of the highlights of the game. He allowed three home runs to occur while also impressing as he created the third inning. While this game is his debut, De Los Santos was originally in the Class AAA Lehigh Valley before he was called up to play at the game. He was noticed for his gripping resume of having a 9-3 record along with a 1.89 ERA with 16 starts. Although what made his debut so attention-grabbing that he was paired against the Mets newest player, Drew Gagnon, who was also participating in his own debut.

While the Phillies were in an early lead to the Mets, De Los Santos made it his goal to stand out in the crowd as he hurled what the manager of the team, Gabe Kapler, called a “crossfire”, which helped cause the Mets to take the new player seriously. For bettors, this is good news as it gives them improved knowledge when making online bets with one of the best betting sites such as Betfair.

In total, De Los Santos threw 94 straight pitches, 58 of them happened to strike. Before De Los Santos was picked up by the Phillies, the young player was scheduled to pitch in the International League for the Class AAA all-star game this previous Wednesday. Though his fame doesn’t end there as the player was also called to play for the World Team for the All Star’s Game which took place on Sunday.

This game was also the first time a Phillies starter made their debut while playing against another debuting starter from an opposing team since 1944. During the first time, it was against the two Charlies – Charlie Ripple and Charlie Gassaway.

Who is Enyel De Los Santos

Enyel De Los Santos is a 22-year old baseball player, born on December 25th, 1995) who has an impressive record, which has helped him gain attention from the MBL. He originates from San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic. Before playing for the Philadelphia Phillies, he was playing for Lehigh Valley IronPigs. During his major league debut, De Los Santos made history as he played against another debut player, which was the first time this event has happened in over several decades.

Despite his current history, De Los Santos has been playing baseball since he was 19, which he was recorded to have an average of more wins over losses with each one of the teams he played for. While he was in the AAA league, which is the highest level in the minor league. Although, his 6’3 figures and his strong skills has helped him gain access into the major league.