Evan Gattis Apologizes for Cheating

Major League Baseball supporters weren’t surprised to learn that a former member of the 2017 Houston Astros had publicly apologized for the sign-stealing scandal. This individual was Evan Gattis, who confirmed that this outfit deserves to receive extreme punishments. None of those punishments was enacted onto Gattis himself, who was considered to be one of the best Catchers and Hitters after the 2017 World Series. This public apology was made on a podcast run by “The Athletics”, where he noted that it’s understandable why this level of cheating angered supporters.

Evan Gattis doesn’t have to concern himself with the significant backlash of this cheating scandal. He retired throughout the 2018 MLB Season, maintaining a Hitting Average of .263 with Twelve Home Runs. This extended towards 55 RBIs throughout the 2017 MLB Season. Those records aren’t viable anymore with the Sign-Stealing Scandal. This Hitter would’ve enacted these home runs and .263 average after learning the different signs from the opponent’s pitcher. When speaking on the Athletics Podcast, he expressed that something should’ve been done then and agrees with the fallout in 2020. Evan Gattis also expressed an apology to these opposing pitchers, who didn’t receive a fair chance to display their talents and defeat the Houston Astros.

These remarks extended by agreeing that he’d cheated fans and baseball themselves. When questioned on why the cheating mentality was implemented, he expressed similar thoughts to other players. Coaching staff with the Houston Astros had become more aggressive towards players, threatening cancelled contracts if they didn’t agree to steal the pitching signs of other teams. These same staff members informed players that this information was meant to be kept private for tactical strategies. Everybody knew what was secretly happening and didn’t go against their bosses for fear of losing their careers. The fallout saw multiple members with the 2017 Houston Astros get banned from professional baseball.

Expand to Replace Lost Revenues

Major League Baseball now has multiple problems on their hands, with losing numerous supporters from the cheating scandal and now a postponed season with the COVID-19 Pandemic. It’s suspected that Rob Manfred will implement previous MLB Structures, which would be accomplished by allowing for two additional teams into professional baseball. It’d enable four divisions with eight-teams and follow a similar structure to MLB during the 20th century.