Father-Son Combos in Sports

The talent in sports sometimes extends beyond one generation, which is particularly true about Vladimir Guerrero Jr hitting 331 across four seasons. Everyone knows that his dad is part of the Hall of Fame players. It is this father-son combination that started the whole thing of investigating how many generations can be successful in sports.

In MLB it is Ken Griffey Sr & Jr.

Ken Griffey SR played in major leagues for 19 seasons, and this was mostly with the Cincinnati Reds. He was also part of the team that won the 1975 and 1976 World Series and was called the Big Red Machine. Ken Griffey Sr finished his career as a three-time-all-star with 152 home runs, and his batting average was .296. Named in 1980 as the Most Valuable Player he was added to the Hall of Fame of the Reds.

Ken Griffey Jr is his son, and he had a slightly longer career as he played in the big leagues for 22 seasons. This includes 13 seasons as part of the Seattle Mariners team and also nine seasons as part of Cincinnati. He was also added in 2016 to the Baseball Hall of Fame after enjoying a stellar career. Ken Griffey Jr enjoyed home runs of 630 and was an All-star 13 times, while he won ten gold gloves and led the AL in the American League MVP. Both Griffey Jr and his father Griffey Sr played for the Mariners and made history when they were the first duo of a father and son to both hits back-to-back home runs in the same game.

Barry Bonds and Bobby Bonds

Father Bobby Bonds played 14 seasons of his career for the San Francisco Giants and was the second ever to hit 300 home runs in his career. He also set several other records both in leading the game and when it came to home runs in one season. Bonds was a three-time winner of the gold glove award as well as an All-Star.

Son Barry Bonds also enjoyed a long career as his dad, and he played for the Giants for most of the 22 seasons of his career. He was National League MVP for seven times and still hold the record for the most home runs in his career that came to 762. He also enjoyed the most home runs in a single season with 73. He won the Silver Slugger Award 12 times, All-Star 14 times and the Gold Glove Award 8 times. He also tied with his dad when it came to stolen bases of 30 and home runs of 30 and held the record of the MLB for 2,558 walks and 688 intentional walks during his majorly successful career.

Other Father-Son Sports Duos

Other magical father-son combos in sports include Sandy Alomar, Sandy Alomar Jr and Roberto Alomar. In NBA it is Seth Curry, Stephen Curry and Dell Curry as well as Austin Rivers and Doc Rivers.