Francisco Cervelli Retires from MLB

Major League Baseball sees an influx of retirements during the COVID-19 pandemic, with aged professionals leaving the sport to allow younger athletes to replace them. The latest retirement comes from Francisco Cervelli, who announced his departure from Major League Baseball via Instagram. The informality shocked the MLB community, with supporters evoking their sadness towards his Francisco’s retirement.

Francisco Cervelli was 1st signed to an American team by the 2004-05 Minor League Baseball season. He competed for the Staten Island Yankees until 2006, where he’d be traded to the Tampa Yankees. After improving his skillsets throughout two minor league seasons, Francisco Cervelli would be contracted by the New York Yankees in 2008 on September 18th. His performance throughout the New York Yankees would become legendary, and during the 2014 MLB Off-Season, Francisco Cervelli was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Cervelli’s contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates was worth $31 Million for three years, with an additional two-year signing implemented after 2017. The Pittsburgh Pirates wouldn’t trade Francisco Cervelli until 2019 to the Atlanta Braves, which lasted a short period of fourteen games. The Atlanta Braves would trade Cervelli to the Miami Marlins for a one-year contract at $2 million. Francisco played sixteen games in his final season because of the COVID-19 pandemic, his 2nd lowest in career history. It’s a disappointing end for one of the New York Yankees greatest catchers of the last two decades.

The Downfall

Skillsets with Francisco Cervelli began to deplete after multiple concussions were sustained throughout recent seasons. The infamous catches have maintained several concussions throughout his career, meaning that health concerns are beginning to arrive after the most reasonable in 2020. Cervelli would receive another concussion with the Miami Marlins, likely finalizing the catcher’s decision to retire. He’d evoke through the Instagram post that his health & well-being are started to become more critical in his 40s.

Regardless, Francisco Cervelli would sustain a thirteen-year career in Major League Baseball & won’t be forgotten by supporters or the community. There’s the opportunity that Francisco Cervelli could return to the dugout in a professional coaching position. However, anticipate the catcher to take some vacation time before returning to baseball in any capacity.