Grand Release of New Dodger All-Star Logo

This week the Dodgers released their new All-Star logo for 2020. Complete with glitz and glamour, paying tribute to Hollywood. The Dodger’s new All-Star logo for 2020 was released this week during a momentous event. Attended by Robert D. Manfred Jr., current Baseball Commissioner, as well as some Hall of Famers. Jaime Jarrin, Tommy Lasorda and Vin Scully were present along with many more great names in the Dodger franchise. Vin Scully also had the honour to be the emcee for the event. The event which was presented by Mastercard also served as the official announcement for the planned renovations at the Dodger Stadium. The stadium turned 57 years old this year. The upcoming improvements include plans to extend the plaza area beyond centre field. This revamped plaza will bring fans much earlier to the games and entice them to stay longer afterwards. The total planned budget for the renovations is hovering around $100 million.

This reflects genuine ownership commitment towards giving the loyal fans a first-class welcome when they attend the games at the stadium. At the plaza, the statues of Jackie Robinson and Sandy Koufax will welcome fans. The square will also become the new permanent residency of the “Legends of the Dodger Baseball”.

The Logo

The logo is an impressive design featuring a star with six points as well as a hexagon representing the Dodger scoreboard. Tones of Dodger blue, red and gold is bringing it all together while the deco font brings in the silver screen feel to it. The entire logo appears to be jumping out impressively. The idea behind the logo was to capture Hollywood during its golden days. It indeed resembles not only greatness but also glamour.

Celebrating Glamour, Hollywood and the Great Golden Era

True to Los Angeles, the Dodgers unveiled the logo for the MLB All-Star Game 2020 during a press conference held nowhere else than the centre field of the Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers are incredibly proud to play host to the All-Star Game. This will be the fourth time in Dodger history. It will also be the second time which it is held at the Dodger Stadium, and it is the first time since 1980. Before they have also hosted the game at L.A. Memorial in 1959 and once in Brooklyn in 1949 at Ebbets Field.

A bit more than a year ago it was announced that the Dodgers would be hosting the event again. Since then, the excitement was uncontainable in the Dodger camp. It led to the planning of renovations to the Dodger Stadium. To be able to deliver an event for the history books, they sent a commission to observe the preparation and celebrations of the Washington Nationals, during the All-Star Game last year as well as with the Cleveland Indians this year. The glamour seen by this unveiling of the logo should only serve as an indication of the celebrations for the All-Stars.