Jim Crane’s Net Worth Increases

The Houston Astros have been one of the most significant teams in Major League Baseball for the last three seasons. When they acquired another championship title three months ago, it enabled them to become a modern-day dynasty, as it marked their second championship victory in three years.
It wasn’t all rainbows and lollipops for the Houston Astros, with the 2018 season being a significant nightmare for coaching staff and players. They lost the World Series Championship during Game 7 while enduring numerous PR disasters simultaneously. These disasters include the instance of a female journalist being threatened by players and coaching staff, only then to experience physical violence. It resulted in Roberto Osuna being charged with domestic assault in 2018, while also facing a 75 game suspension. Eventually, the charges were dropped, but the suspension remained intact.

The results of these accusations prompted a large-scale investigation on the Houston Astros, which includes every player and member of the coaching staff. Throughout this investigation, it was revealed that the Astros had illegally placed a hidden camera in centre field. It allowed them to memorize the hand signs from the opposing catcher, which is essentially cheating. Jim Crane, the owner of the Houston Astros, refused to comment on the matter when it was prevalent across sports networks. Even with this level of cheating being revealed, the Astros didn’t have their championship title stripped. Most believe this decision was illegal and should be overruled by MLB governing authorities.

Jim Crane

Following the numerous allegations towards the Houston Astros, Jim Crane got to see his net value quadruple in the last decade. Looking back at 2011, this individual was worth $600 million. However, that valuation has increased drastically to $1.8 billion. This shows that in instances of allegations and lousy publicity, individuals can still earn significant sums of money.

Jim Crane became rich via his extensive knowledge with Baseball. It started back when he was a child, where he would grow his capabilities as a baseball player and eventually be acquired by the University of Central Missouri. Throughout the 1976 – 80 College Baseball Seasons, he pitched one of the highest records in Central Missouri history. After earning a technical safety degree, he became employed by an insurance company before borrowing $10,000.00 from his older sister. This was when he became EGL Freight Logistics, which he would sell to Apollo Global Management in 2007 for $2 billion. Shortly afterwards, he looked into purchasing the Texas Rangers and Chicago Cubs. After numerous deals falling out, he eventually bought the Houston Astros for $300 million.