Longest Game in Baseball History

When it comes to the longest games the very first game that was played over 6 hours was the 1967 match between the Senators and the White Sox. Yet when it comes to the longest professional game, it was the game played on the 18/19th of April in 1981 between the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Rochester Red Wing, two of the Triple-A International League teams. At the end of the game that lasted 8 hours 25 minutes, it was Pawtucket who won 3-2.

Longest Game in History 8 Hours 32 Minutes

The longest game in the history of baseball started on Saturday the 18th of April at 8:25 in 1981, this was after a delay caused by the lights of the stadium which lasted around 30 minutes. The stadium was packed with 1,740 fans in attendance and the game continued right through the night and well into the morning of Easter.

In most leagues, there is a curfew rule, one that would have suspended the game, umpire, Dennis Cregg’s rulebook contained no such rule. There were a few times when one-sided neared victory, only for the circumstances to change. It is said that by 4 am the players from both teams were delirious from exhaustion and by then Dave Huppert from Rochester caught the first 31 innings and was replaced by Jum Ubarger who pitched 10 scoreless innings.

Lifetime Passes to Fans Still in Attendance After 8 Hours 32 Minutes Game

Mike Tamburro, the publicity manager of Pawtucket, reached Harold Cooper, the president of the league by phone just after 3:00 am, and the horrified president ordered the game to stop after the current innings. Still, it took till 4:07 am for the game to end and the of the 1,740 fans only 19 were left in the seats. All 19 fans received lifetime passes to the McCoy Stadium.

The players could finally go home to rest as the next game started on the Sunday at 11 am, on their way home they witnessed people on their way to the Easter sunrise service. Both teams also signed a baseball on that Sunday that is now displayed in the Hall of Fame. The game on Sunday was delayed due to the risk of injury and only resumed on the 23rd of June, which was when the Red Wings was back in town. This match took place in front of a sell-out crowd of 140 reporters and 5,746 supporters.

Records Set in Longest Game

A long list of records was set in the game that lasted 8 hours, 33 minutes including most innings 33, most putouts by any one team 99 (PAW), most total putouts in a single game of 195 as well as most at-bats for a single team in one game of 114 (PAW) and most total at-bats in a game 219. Other records sets including most strikeouts by a single team in one game 34 (ROC), most total strikeout in one game 60, and most total assists 88 plus it was the longest plate appears by an umpire.