Major League Baseball Betting Types

With the next major league baseball season just around the corner, there is no better time to learn about the different betting options and how they work. With these significant teams, there is always a wager somewhere. Giving you the advantage of making a few bucks, especially when you follow the teams and learn something that might give the underdog an advantage!

There are many ways to wager on major league baseball, which does not only include picking the winner. From time to time can be rather dull, especially when one of the favourites take on one of the teams that haven’t been doing so well.

Luckily, bookies have come up with many ways to make the game more exciting as you can wager on specific events during the game. Some of these provide incredible winning opportunities, but with higher payouts, it also means you need to be on the ball and accurate with your predictions!

Below, we look at some of the most popular betting options for major league baseball and how they work.


This refers to the most basic and popular betting option for baseball as you merely need to choose the winning team. You will find the odds are always different as they are cultivated based on the chances of each time taking the win. With games that include one of the big teams against one that doesn’t have the same skills. You’ll see tremendous odds because it’s unlikely for the underdog to take the win.


Is one of the more exciting options as you need to predict when the NT would score more or less runs than posted? These are based on the standard 9-innings games and usually pay around even money, making it an excellent choice for those who know the teams with players who love going for those impressive home runs.


This is where you wager on the outcome of two games that have to result in both teams winning before you receive a profit. However, these provide much higher winnings as the risk is higher. However, if you follow baseball and know what teams will take the win, it might just be the perfect choice for your needs.


Taking parlay bets to the next level would be to choose an accumulator bet. This can include as many legs as you want, but keep in mind, every wager has to be successful before you receive winnings. Choose from various betting types and create your series of predictions. The bookie will automatically take your winnings from the first bet and wager it on the second prediction, then the third and so on. Therefore, your wager value keeps increasing, meaning your winnings become bigger and bigger while still delivering great profits. If you lose one bet, it’s all gone!

Proposition Bets

These are the most exciting bets you can place as the bookie all off due to a specific question. You need to wager on the odds of it happening or not happening. These betting options of different with each game and the odds are unique as well.