Major League Baseball Teams Assisting Ballpark Employees

The 2020 Season for Major League Baseball has drastically been altered with the coronavirus pandemic. It’s created economic uncertainty for numerous employees that work under the MLB Corporation, including thousands of ballpark employee’s dependent on these games being played. To ensure their protected going forward, thirty teams in Major League Baseball are signing a declaration that requires each respective outfit to pay $1 million. This $30 million fund will be available for ballpark employees needing a continued paycheque during the coronavirus pandemic.

Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, provided formal statements regarding this announcement. He expressed that representatives with each of these thirty teams contacted Rob Manfred, demanding that ballpark employee being reimbursed during the delayed season. Statements continued with it being noted that these clubs are motivated to assist their valuable members in the baseball community, who make sure every game runs smoothly without fail. Rob Manfred confirmed that individual teams would announce additional details on their respective support for local baseball communities.

It’s expected that the timing of these announcements will be dependent on local jurisdiction and state regulation, with prior obligations being enforced to ensure that some aspects of baseball aren’t lost. Sporting analysts have claimed that assisting ballpark employees is more important than conserving funds for the upcoming season. Considering half the season will most likely be cancelled, ensuring that substantial funds aren’t spent is pointless. MLB Supporters and Employees allow this sport to thrive, not the team owners themselves.

Delayed Season

Major League Baseball was initially scheduled to launch on March 26th; this pre-announced date was made before the coronavirus pandemic was confirmed on December 31st. The rapid spreading of this infectious virus prompted Rob Manfred and MLB Executives to implement cautionary measures that postponed the opening day by two weeks. Additional delays have followed after the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention announced that mass gatherings of 50+ people wouldn’t be permitted for two months. This means that the MLB 2020 Season cannot start at the minimum until June 1st.

It should be mentioned that additional donations are being made by the MLB Players Association, who will provide $1 million to two food-bank organizations across the United States. This includes Meals on Wheels and Feeding America. MLB Athletes have made personalized donations to their local food banks and hospitals as well.