Manfred Lies to Minor League Baseball

Minor League Baseball supporters are disgusted by the recent actions displayed by Rob Manfred. After a significant battle in the public eye involving Professional Athletes & Presidential Candidates, the Major League Baseball President confirmed that players in the Minors wouldn’t be affected by their restructuring. Manfred lied to Minor League Executives, with hundreds of younger professionals hoping to make it to the Majors being let go. It’s expected that hundreds more will be fired before June 1st.

Minor League Baseball could potentially be cancelled under the rule of Rob Manfred. It’d mark the 1st time in American Baseball history that the Minors & Majors didn’t engage with each other. Issues between these sporting organizations didn’t begin until Rob Manfred took over the leadership of Major League Baseball. The MLB President would start attacking the Minors, remarking that their position in American sports was dwindling quickly. Manfred never played professional baseball & doesn’t understand a high value on what’s supported when these two leagues engage in professional competition.

Inside Sources with Minor League Baseball provided insight into this situation for ESPN. They confirmed that 200+ players in the Minors were terminated towards, with another 200+ anticipated over the next 48 hours. These insiders mentioned that 1000+ players would be fired over several days, having their baseball careers end in the United States. This unnamed source remarked that the decision of Rob Manfred has purposely devastated the Minors.

Manfred Attacks for Personal Glory

Making yearly cuts is standard protocol with any professional sport. However, it’s never been seen to such a large degree. Major League Representatives claim this decision was based around the continued lost funds being seen from COVID-19. The Majors cannot afford to Minors any longer, which is a blatant lie from Representatives hoping to blowback the critics. Rob Manfred had looked into multiple avenues that would see Minor League Baseball fluctuated, possibly outright destroys. His actions during COVID-19 make this possible.

It should be mentioned that Rob Manfred has denied being responsible for 40+ Minor League Teams being eliminated in their restructuring. Inside sources claim that the MLB President isn’t to be trusted, making falsified accounts of genuine trust.