Manny Machado trading Update

Manny Machado has been a hot topic for the start of 2019 as many teams show interest in getting the third baseman to join their team. The 26 year old has had an incredible career since his debut in 2012, since which he managed to obtain multiple awards, including the Golden Glove award in both 2013 and 2015.

He also earned a spot in the American League All Star team in 2013 and even leads the league with 51 doubles. It has been recognised as one of the very best fields in MLB, which is why Manny has become a major addition for any team. Well, in 2019, the free agent is being approached by multiple teams, each having their own offers and ideas to get Manny to join their team. Below, we look at some of the latest reports and see where Manny might be headed just before the season gets started.

January 15th

Although deals involving Manny for the 2019 season date back much further, we see the first series of major changes right in the middle of January. The Phillies showed further interest in him but also stated that they are interested in possibly signing Bryce Harper as well. They could make it clear that signing both players is not an option and that they would only be interested in having one of these free agents joining their team.

So far, Manny has to major teams show its interest, the White Sox being the other. The future with the Phillies is a little unclear for Manny at this point as the team had a 5-hour meeting with Harper just a week earlier.

January 16th

With the Phillies in negotiations with Harper, the White Sox clearly for an opportunity to make Manny an offer and sign a deal. However, Lorenzo (Manny’s Agent) mentioned that the $175 million for seven years deal is way below the expected market value.

However, at the same time, it seems like Manny’s a kit might be somewhat limited to only two teams. Even though Manny desires a record deal, possibly even topping that of Alex Rodriguez and Giancarlo Stanton, it might seem as if the player is out of options.

January 17th

For a moment, it almost seemed as if the whole Manny speculation would take a drastic turn as the Yankees enter the market for free agents yet again. However, it didn’t last long as we see it would be unlikely the Yankees to sign Manny as they’ve just created a deal with Adam Ottavino for $27 million, signing him in for three years.

January 18th

With the White Sox deal still in the air and no other offers hitting the desk just yet, most are wondering if he would be accepting the offer any time soon. The season is just around the corner and sees practice sessions coming up in less than a week.

Surprisingly, we did see Manny in a White Sox cap, but no news has been heard regarding the deal. By the 25th of January 2019, we still haven’t heard anything, and the White Sox are still waiting, stating that they’ll be disappointed if they don’t land either Manny or Harper.