McCann Retiring From Baseball

After the Braves suffered a terrible defeat during Game 5 of the NLDS in Atlanta against the Cardinals and the scoreboard stood on 13-1 against them, catcher to the Braves, Brian McCann announced his retirement from the game. McCann started his career with the Atlanta Braves, and now they are also his home from where he is ending it.

In 2005 McCann, who is a native from Georgia, debuted at the Atlanta Braves. He remained here for nine seasons during which he was named All-Star seven times before he left the Braves and moved on to the Yankees during 2014. While playing for the Yankees for three years, he was unsuccessful in helping them achieve any great titles, but after he was traded on to the Astros, he did manage to enable them to a World Series title in 2017. During late last year, McCann re-signed with the Braves once again after the Astro’s didn’t accept his club offer. This time as a free agent. He was playing for Brain Snitker, Braves manager. During 2005 when the Braves first called McCann, Snitker was in the position of the skipper at the Double-A Mississippi.

During his career he had 1 590 hits from 1 755 games. 1 018 RBI’s and 0.262 with 282 homers as well as being a six-time Silver Slugger is some of his career achievements. This is unfortunately not a significant point in the history of the Atlanta Braves to step out as their loss against the St. Louis Cardinals was the end of their season. This low point is, however, an indication of what their season looked like. Many didn’t even consider the Braves to be much of a contest at all during the entire season.

This was mainly due to poor pitching from Mike Foltynewicz and while Freddie Freeman lacked at fielding. Yet this last game will always be remembered as the one after which McCann resigned from baseball for good. McCann did, however, want to make it very clear that he didn’t leave due to the poor performance which his team delivered, but that it was a decision already made and he was only waiting for their season to end.


After the match, McCann stated to reporters that this was enough for him. He already started considering the idea of retirement about a month and a half before making the announcement. He stated that he is going home to spent time with the boys and be a dad. He also noted that Snitker was aware of his plans to retire and that the two of them has been coming along for a very long time and that it was a privilege to work with him as his manager.

Almost immediately after resigning, tributes from his teammates started to flow in onto social media. Chipper Jones congratulated him on an outstanding career and also Alex Bregman commented about his success and all wished him luck with his future endeavours.