Medical Experts Provide Guidelines to MLB

Doctor Anthony Fauci has provided insight into the COVID-19 pandemic for multiple news sources and sporting associations. This includes Major League Baseball, with America’s infectious disease expert noting that the 2020 season could begin under particular conditions. Stadiums couldn’t support ticketholders, and each respective player would be forced into self-isolation at hotels under the pandemic is concluded.

Anthony Fauci stands as the National Institute of Infectious Diseases & Allergies Director. He spoke with Peter Hamby on “The Snapchat Show” and “Good Morning America”. He expressed that MLB Players can be surveyed and tested regularly before matches to ensure their negative status. Similar testing would be required after the game, with opposing teams unable to shake hands or perform ceremonial rituals. Anthony explicitly mentioned that attendees could not enter the facility.

Recommendations from the director were required after Major League Baseball postponed their March Spring Training Season. Information regarding the 2020 Official MLB Season hasn’t been expressed by Rob Manfred, the acting league commissioner. This has led sports analysts to believe he’s debating every option before making a finalized strategy for 2020. It should be noted that all sporting associations are having to follow similar premises, with government entities like NIIDA implementing penalties for disobedience.

The director has supporter Major League Baseball throughout the decades, with Anthony imposing that every stone must be turned for a 2020 season to be played. Fauci did express that MLB executive should postpone their final decision, as new information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic is being released daily. Its why most organizations are waiting until the summer to make their final confirmations on sporting events.

MLBs Public Statement

Rarely has Rob Manfred acknowledge the COVID-19 pandemic with reporters. He’s regarded the talents of MLB Representatives to speak on his behalf, which is consistent with Manfred’s previous behaviour. He’s a commissioner known for being weak whenever times are challenging for Major League Baseball. Statements from Rob Manfred were read by the representative, which noted that MLB wouldn’t return until public health officials provide overall clearance. This could be a prolonged period depending on the outcome of COVID-19.