Minnesota Twins Showcase New Uniforms

The Minnesota Twins are celebrating their 60th Anniversary come January 2020. In anticipation of their long-standing traditions, the team is recreating their uniforms and returning them to the original colours used decades ago. This information was revealed by Dave Peters, the Head Coach for the Major League Baseball Association. He noted that there isn’t any uniform that creates more fan engagement than the original baby blue colour scheme. Subsequently, this means fans of the Minnesota Twins can see their beloved team dawn the same colours that were maintained during the 70s and 80s. There isn’t any better time for the Twins to win a championship than the 2020 Season.

The Jerseys Redesign

The Minnesota Twins first dawned the baby blue colour scheme in 1973 for on the road matches. They continued to maintain this uniform design until 1986. Throughout the 2020 season, the old-school uniforms will be alternated between home and road games. Included into the design is a 60th Anniversary Patch on the left sleeve, with another patch on the right side displaying the Twin Cities against the Mississippi River. Unlike the modern-era jerseys that display standardized texts, the new uniform will use the cursive script used during the Minnesota Twins inaugural season in 1960. It should be noted that this uniform won’t be used with every 2020 official season matches but will instead be used on significant days throughout the sporting associations history. Regardless, the fan excitement on this announcement has been prevalent on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

2019 Season Recap

The Minnesota Twins are coming off one of their best seasons in decades, winning more than 101 games throughout 2019. This is the second-highest streak for the team, which can only be compared to the 1965 Minnesota Twins, who won 102 games. Last year saw the Twins become the 3rd highest-ranked team in the league but were unfortunately defeated by the New York Yankees. 2020 might prove to be a challenging year for the team, who has lost sixteen consecutive games since being defeated by the Yankees. Dave Peters mentioned that the team is back into contention after winter training and are planning to come back as a ferocious opponent.

Dave Peters needs to account for the player lineup changes and alterations to opposing teams. Units like the Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago White Sox have improved drastically over winter training. Unless Peters can implement new tactics, the Minnesota Twins won’t see a repeat of the 2019 season in 2020.