MLB 2020 National Coverage

Major League Baseball confirmed the upcoming standardized schedule for the 2020 regular season. This revealed that all thirty national clubs in the United States would compete on opening day, which is slated for March 26th. The season opener will mark an important day for the league since it was 1968 that all teams played on the same day. Alongside this confirmation, MLB revealed the national coverage schedule for the upcoming opening day and subsequent events. Below we’ve provided details regarding that national coverage.


The first network noted in this announcement was ESPN, who will provide Opening Day Coverage on March 26th at 1:10 PM EST. This event will see the Washington Nationals compete against the New York Mets. ESPN will provide additional coverage at 4:10 PM EST for the Atlanta Dodgers versus San Francisco Giants matchup. Opening day coverage for ESPN will culminate with a highly-anticipated game between the Los Angeles Angels and Houston Astros, which begins at 7:10 PM EST. It should be noted that several additional games will be showcased throughout the season-opening week.

Fox Sports

Major League Baseball confirmed in their announcement that Fox Sports is returning with national coverage on March 28th. This means that this sports network lost their opening rights to ESPN, forcing them to postpone coverage until a matchup between the New York Mets and Washington Nationals. This secondary bout will take place at Citi Field at 4:05 PM EST which will be followed with a game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Atlanta Braves. This event begins at 8:10 EST It should be noted that Fox Sports didn’t suffer drastically with their postponed national coverage, with TBS Live having to wait until July 5th to begin legally showcasing these events.

The MLB Network

Those wanting direct insider coverage on an opening day and weekly events are recommended to register with the MLB Network. This is the league’s personalized sports network, which provided exclusive video footage and inside access to upcoming games. It also offered specialized programs, such as MLB Tonight and The After Show. All regular-season games will be loaded to the MLB Network, offering fans more than 30+ games weekly. The coverage begins on March 26th at 1:00 PM EST. All events mentioned above will be showcased, with specialized shows returning the next day. The full list of those additional shows includes International Talk, High Heat, MLB Central, The Rundown and Quick Pitch. These programs will consist of inside analysis on the league, specialized interviews and daily highlights.